UKiset is an online test for overseas student with English as a second language. It is an all-rounded test so the admissions team have a clear picture of the student’s abilities and learning style. UKiset ensures the compatibility between the schools and students, so to fasten the application procedure and optimise admissions’ decisions.

Note (as of 28 Jan 2020)
The exam services have maintained normal operations.

To safeguard the health of students, parents and our staffs,  Britannia will strengthen cleansing and disinfection work and will take the actions below:

(1)  All students need to wear face masks, which should not be taken off during the examination;

(2) Students have to take body temperature in the reception area. Students could not take the examination if his or her body temperature is higher than 37.3°c;

(3) The seats will be kept away at a certain distance. 
  1.  Please fill in the above form* and pay HK$3,200 exam fee at least 5 working days before the test in advance. An additional administrative charge of HK$650 will be charged if you are applying for more than 5 schools.

    Payment Method:


    Payment could be done in the online form

    b)Bank Transfer

    Bank: The Hong Kong and ShangHai Bank Corporation (HSBC)

    Bank Account: 817-667017-838

    Account Holder: Britannia Study Link (Asia) Limited

    Swift Code: HSBCHKHHHKH



    Account Identifier: 163354129

    Bank: HSBC 

    Account Number: 817-667017-838

    d)Submit in person at our office

    -28/F, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


  2. An e-mail confirming the examination time will be sent within 3 days after the registration process including payment (except special circumstances). Please ensure that the transaction date is shown on the receipt and check the information and exam details carefully.
  3. Parent Report will be sent to the applicant by email within five working days after the test.
  4. Please call 9152 3196 if you have any enquiry.

*Please fill in the UKiset registration form carefully, all the information will be displayed in the exam report.

** In no case will the fees paid be refunded.

^ Please note that the corresponding service fee (rates as below) will apply to all credit card payment.

1. Visa – 1.85%

2. Mastercard – 1.95%

3. PayMe – 1.50%

4. JCB – 2.50%

5. CUP – 1.60%

Online Application
UKiset exam will be arranged fastest in 5 working days after registration.UKiset school report will be ready within five working days. There are two types of reports: Parent Report and Full Report. Parent report will be sent to the applicant by email. Full report will be sent to the 5 schools directly with the permission of the applicants. Candidates could make their final decision on school list before or after taking UKiset.

英國私立學校統一入學試 UKiset 


UKiset為英國學校考試之一,報考及應試均可於網上完成,為學生省卻不少麻煩。Ukiset範疇全面,校方能在面試前便初步掌握海外生的強項、弱點及學習偏好。UKiset 使學校和學生之間的配對更準確,為英國學校面試大開方便之門。


公私立學校考試 必見邏輯推理

有意赴英升學的學生,必定聽過邏輯推理測試(Reasoning Test)。不論報讀私立學校或公立文法學校(Grammar School),英國學校考試同樣講求邏輯思維,對習慣「死記硬背」的香港學生來說,或許相對陌生。

有意報讀私立學校的學生、家長,必定聽過UKiset。傳統名校如Uppingham School、Badminton School、Epsom College等,收生時都會以UKiset作為參考標準之一,檢視海外學生的英數能力和邏輯思維,藉此發掘學生潛質。

報讀Grammar School的學生,則必須通過「11+」考試,方可達到入學基本門檻。「11+」是小學生在剛升讀Year 6時應考的選拔試,由於並非全國統一,各地區或學校的考試範圍和採用的試題各異,主要涵蓋英語、數學、邏輯思維(non-verbal reasoning)和語言邏輯(verbal reasoning)。考題難度循序漸進,當中不乏高難度題目,用作分辨出最優秀的學生。


Atom Learning 在香港也可練習邏輯推理

英國私校廣泛應用網上平台Atom Learning,亦為學生提供相關練習及課程,特別適合預備報讀英國頂尖名校的學生。

Atom Learning在英國根基穩固,目前與超過500間學校合作,包括三分一英國私立小學協會成員,例如Abbey School、Dulwich Prep London等,最近終於進軍香港。這些學校均使用專門提供給學校的Atom Prime平台,學校老師透過平台上載授課影片,派發練習,並透過平台提供的答題報告,了解每位學生的學習進度,為學生報考中學做足準備。

Atom Learning另設Atom Nucleus,形式類似私人補習。家長註冊之後,可以按需要隨時安排子女完成練習題目,或是觀看解題影片。學習材料均由專業老師整理,確保針對學習重點。


英國家長對Atom Learning的看法

常言道,「熟能生巧」,Atom Learning的學習材料主要劃分為四大範疇,分別為:



語文推理(verbal reasoning)

邏輯推理(non-verbal reasoning)


學生透過反覆練習,能有效適應考核模式,為應對英國學校面試問題作充分準備。如有意註冊Atom Nucleus,可按此獲取5天免費試用及首個月九折優惠。

一條龍升學服務平台 一併提升面試、筆試能力

英識教育特設一站式網上升學服務平台「Britannia Gateway」,整合目前提供的資源,包括大學及中學的升學指導、UKiset訓練班、模擬考試,以及針對不同年級與學科的英國入學試補習班等,均可在平台上瀏覽詳情與即時報名。

對於家長與有意赴英升學的學生,除了直接聯絡英識同事,亦希望Britannia Gateway能夠提供一些靈感。另外,或有家長不清楚應該為子女選擇甚麼,立即按此,花三分鐘了解適合的課程。







聯絡電話:3184 0362


There are around 200 UK boarding schools using UKiset as the standardised assessment to recruit overseas students. It is estimated that there will be 500 schools applying UKiset as well, by the end of 2018.

Academy School
Mansfield College Oxford
Adcote International
Marlborough College
Merchiston Castle School
Alleyns School
Mill Hill International
Ampleforth College Millfield Senior
Ardingly Monkton Combe
Ashford International School Moreton Hall
Badminton Mount Kelly
Bede’s Prep & Senior School
Mount School, York
Bedford School New Hall School
Bellerbys Colleges Norwich School
Benenden School Oakham School
Bishopstrow College
Old Buckenham Hall
Bloxham School
Old Palace of John
Blundell’s School Oundle School
Bournemouth Collegiate School
Packwood Haugh School
Box Hill School
Padworth College
Bradfield College
Pangbourne College
Brentwood School Pilgrims School
Brighton College
Port Regis School
Bromsgrove School
Princess Helena College
Brooke House
Prior Park School
Bruton School for Girls Prior’s Field
Bryanston School
Queen Anne’s School
Buckswood School
Queen Ethelberga’s York
Burgess Hill Girls
Queen Margaret’s School
Queenswood School
Canford Rendcomb College
Cardiff Sixth Form College Repton School
Royal Masonic School for Girls
Cheltenham College
Royal Russell School
Christ’s Hospital School Rugby School
City of London Freemans School
Scarborough College
Claremont School Seaford College
Clifton College Sedbergh
Clifton College (Prep) Sevenoaks
Cobham Hall, Kent
Sherborne International College
Concord College
Sherborne School
Culford School Shiplake College
Dauntsey’s Sibford School
Dean Close School Sidcot School
Downside School
St Claire’s Oxford
Eastbourne College
St Edward’s Oxford
Edinburgh Academy
St John’s Beaumont, Windsor
Ellesmere College
St Lawrence College
Epsom College
St Mary’s School, Cambridge
Eton College Stonyhurst
Felsted School Stover School
Fettes School
St Swithun’s School
Foremarke Hall
Tettenhall College
The Friends School
The King’s School, Canterbury
Haileybury School The Leys School
Handcross Park School
The Royal Hospital School
Harrogate Ladies College
The Royal School
Tonbridge School
Tudor Hall School
Uppingham School
Ipswich School
Warminster School
Kent College Warwick School
Wellingborough School
Kings Bruton
Wellington College
Lancing College
Wellington School
Langley School Westminster School
Lathallan School Whitgift School
Leicester High School for Girls Winchester College
Leighton Park School Woldingham School
Lingfield Notre Dame School Woodbridge School
Lord Wandsworth College Worth School
Loretto School Wycliffe College
Loughborough Grammar Wycombe Abbey School
Malvern St James