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About UKiset

What is UKiset? Why do students need to take UKiset

What is UKiset?

UKiset is an online test for overseas students with English as a second language. It is an all-rounded test so the admissions team have a clear picture of the students’ abilities and learning styles.

UKiset ensures the compatibility between the schools and students, so to fasten the application procedure and optimise admissions’ decisions.

Applying to UKiset

5 days before exam

Fill up form & pay the exam fees

3 days after registration

Receive email

5 days after registration

UKiset exam

5 working days after exam

Receive UKiset report

Please fill in the above form* at least 5 working days before the test. An additional administrative fee will be charged if you are applying for more than 5 schools.
*Please fill in the UKiset registration form carefully, all the information will be displayed in the exam report.


Payment can be done in the online form 

Submit in person at our office

-28/F, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Bank Transfer


The Hong Kong and ShangHai Bank Corporation (HSBC)


Bank Account:



Account Holder:

Britannia Study Link (Asia) Limited


Swift Code:



Account Identifier:






Account Number:


** In no case will the fees paid be refunded.

^ Please note that the corresponding service fee (rates as below) will apply to all credit card payments.

An e-mail confirming the examination time will be sent within 3 days after the registration process including payment (except special circumstances).
Please ensure that the transaction date is shown on the receipt and check the information and exam details carefully.

Parent Report will be sent to the applicants by email within five working days after the test.

Please call 9152 3196 if you have any enquiries.

UKiset exam will be arranged fastest within 5 working days upon registration. UKiset school report will be ready within five working days. There are two types of reports:

  • Parent report: Parent report will be sent to the applicants by email.
  • Full report: Full report will be sent to the 5 schools directly with the permission of the applicants. 

Candidates can make their final decision on school list before or after taking UKiset.

Note (as of 28 Jan 2020)

The exam services have maintained normal operations.
To safeguard the health of students, parents and our staffs, Britannia will increase cleansing and disinfection work and will take the actions below:
  • All students need to wear face masks, which should not be taken off during the examination;
  • Students have to test their body temperatures in the reception area. Students are not allowed to take the examination if his or her body temperature is higher than 37.3°c;
  • The seats will maintain a certain distance

Preparing for UKiset


-Content of Assessment

The UKiset examination lasts from 2 to 2.5 hours and is divided into three parts.

  • Logical reasoning
  • English
  • And writing

where logical reasoning is subdivided into

  • Text (vocabulary test)
  • Image (non-verbal reasoning)
  • Mathematical Reasoning

Three kinds.


English public and private school examinations must see logical reasoning.

Students wishing to go to the UK, whether they are enrolled in private or public grammar schools, must have taken the Reasoning Test.


Students who wish to apply to private schools must have heard or even passed Ukiset, and they must know that logical reasoning must not be taken lightly.

Students wishing to enroll in public grammar schools will have to pass the “11+” test to reach the basic entry threshold, i.e. the elective examination for primary school students in Year 6.


As the examination is not uniform across the country, the scope of the examination and the questions used vary from region to region, but the examination cannot be separated from the examination

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • And verbal reasoning


Logical reasoning plays an important role in school examinations in the UK, which is relatively unfamiliar to Hong Kong students who are accustomed to rote learning. Fortunately, there are still remedies-Atom Learning and Britannia Gateway.

Atom Learning

-Hong Kong can also practice logical reasoning

Atom Learning Materials: Mainly divided into four subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning

Similar to UKiset, the framework facilitates students to train logical reasoning and adaptation assessment through repetitive exercises.


Although Atom Learning has only been in Hong Kong for about two years, it is deeply rooted in the UK and works with more than 500 schools, including one-third of the members of the British Private Primary School Association.

Teachers in these schools used Atom Prime, a platform provided by Atom Learning, to upload lecture videos, assign assignment exercises and report on students’ learning progress and logical reasoning skills.


Atom Nucleus, another platform of Atom Learning, is similar to a private tutor, so parents can arrange their children to practice English, math, logical reasoning, and watch problem-solving videos whenever necessary after registering.

The learning materials provided on the platform are organized by professional
British teachers to ensure that they are tailored to the learning priorities.


If you wish to register for Atom Learning, please click here for 5 days free trial and 10% discount for the first month.

Britannia, Republic of Gateway

-To enhance the competence of interviews and written examinations through a career service platform

One-stop academic upgrading service platform for E-learning —

The “Britania Gateway” aims to integrate the educational resources of British schools and provide English-educated students with current and graduates from prestigious institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge as mentors:

  • Career guidance in universities and secondary schools
  • UKiset Training Course
  • Mock examinations
  • British entrance examinations for different grades and disciplines, etc.


Details of the various interview and entrance examination remedial courses are available on the English Language Platform and are now available under the name of the period.

Parents and students who wish to study in the UK can contact their colleagues directly and seek assistance from the professional tutorial teams at the Britannia Gateway if they wish to upgrade their interview skills and academic standards.


If you have any questions about the Britannia Gateway and it’s tutorial institutions, please click here now to learn more and find out the appropriate courses in just three minutes.

If you have any questions about the content above, please contact Britannia:

Facebook | WhatsApp | Contact number: 3184 0362

Which Schools Accept UKiset

There are around 200 UK boarding schools that use UKiset as the standardised assessment to recruit overseas students.