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Millfield School

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Basic Information & Location

Millfield senior school is an international co-educational independent establishment situated in the ancient surroundings of Glastonbury. The school is for students between the ages of 13 – 18, readying them for GCSE and AS/A-Level examinations.

School Motto

The school prides itself on providing an exceptional, all-round education that enables each child to try everything on offer, to find out what they really enjoy and are good at.  The capacity to engage pupils at many different levels is central to life at Millfield and countless opportunities are offered across many different learning contexts both inside and outside the classroom.

Academic Matters

At GCSE level there are 28 subjects to choose from, and at AS/A2-level there are forty subjects. The school also runs BTEC programmes and the Leith Basic Certificate.
Core subjects in year 9 are English Language and English Literature, Mathematics, Science and PSHE. In year 10 core subjects are the same, though optional subjects are more varied. The school has several Academic Enrichment Programmes which include Science Clubs, Computer Programming, Car Club and Maths society. There are also regular lectures given by the Academic Society on a whole range of subjects.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Onsite or just beyond the school premises there are 19 boarding houses, all of which cater for students according to age and sex. Houses have their own staff and house parents, medical personnel and even have their own counselling service.


The sports curriculum offers 24 disciplines including karate, swimming, ski racing, equestrian pursuits and golf, all of which are onsite and taught in facilities and sites that are some of the best in the country. Millfield runs an extensive activities programme known as MAP, which is compulsory for students in the lower years. The activities change with the seasonal time table, and there are currently 105 to choose from, including, voluntary work such as the National Trust, working at animal rescue centres and working within one of the many residential homes alongside the elderly. Other activities include jewellery making, cooking, snooker, falconry, clay pigeon shootings and scuba diving.



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