To enter some well-known UK boarding schools, which have provided education for children of the nobility and elite politicians for the past many years, is not easy. In general circumstances, students must submit applications one year in advance. A few rigorous schools, namely Brighton College and Concord College, only accept applications two or three years in advance. For famous schools such as Eton College, students must apply before the age of ten and a half in order to get into the school at the age of thirteen.

May - Jun

Application for next school year

Selecting 5-6 schools

Applying for UKiset

* Consult our team for specific school, most schools are open for enrollments for the following school year during this period

Aug - Nov

Application Submission

Submit Applications & Fee

*Please note that the corresponding service fee (rates as below) will apply to all credit and payment.

  • / – 1.75%
  • – 2.50%
  • – 1.50%
Exams & Interviews

*Most examinations are held between Sept to Nov. A few examinations for students in particular year in some schools are held in Jan.

Jan - Feb

Exam Results

Results of the examinations are released

*In order to accept and secure offers, students must follow instructions and submit reservation fees before specific dates

Mar - May

Arrange Guardians & Flights

Jun - Aug

Visa Application

Aug - Sept

Prep for departure
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