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Application Procedure

Here’s what you need to know about the admissions process

Gaining admission to renowned UK boarding schools, where generations of noble and influential families have received education, is no easy feat. Typically, students are required to submit their applications one year in advance.

For a handful of prestigious institutions like Brighton College and Concord College, the application process begins two or three years prior to enrollment. In the case of renowned schools such as Eton College, students must apply before the age of ten and a half to secure a place at the age of thirteen.

May - Jun

Applications for the Next Academic Year

Select 5-6 schools

Apply for UKiset

*Most schools are open for enrolment for the upcoming academic year during this time. Consult our team regarding specific schools.

Aug - Nov

Application Submission

Submit Applications & Fees

*Please note that the corresponding service fee (rates as below) will apply to all credit card payments:

Exams & Interviews

*Most examinations are held between Sept to Nov. A limited number of schools hold theirs in Jan.

Jan - Feb

Exam Results

Results of the examinations are released

*In order to accept and secure offers, students must follow instructions and submit reservation fees before the specified dates.

Mar - May

Arrange Guardians & Flights

Jun - Aug

Visa Application

Aug - Sep

Preparation for Departure

The opportunities are endless. Start your UK education journey today with our vast network of partners!