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Warwick School

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Basic Information & Location

Warwick School is a leading British boy’ boarding and day school, which was founded in 914 years. It is the fifth oldest senior school and the oldest boy school in the UK. It becomes a reputable school because of its long history, Rococo and Tudor architectural Style, religious education and the outstanding academic achievement. Warwick School is located in Warwick area. It takes only 10 minutes to walk to the railway station. It is convenient and beautiful environment for students to study and live. Warwick school is always mistaken as the affiliate senior school of Warwick University. In fact, they don’t have any connections other than the similarity in names.

Academic Development

Academic work is a top priority at Warwick and is taken very seriously by most of the boys. The pace that is quite demanding for both staff members and students reaps some impressive results. There are twenty-six subjects offered for A level, and there has been a consistently high percentage of A* to B at this level. GCSE results for twenty-eight subjects on offer are amazing as well. In order to ensure pupils receive all the attention and care they need, all classes are conducted in small size with 10 students as maximum. For Hong Kong students and other international students, Warwick will help pair up a local British student as a school buddy who will help them get through the boarding life. During the holidays, British buddies may throw parties at home and invite international students to join. This is precious chance for them to experience the British culture and customs.

International students in Warwick School are required to sit the English entry test which helps determine whether they need EAL courses (​English as an additional language)​. The EAL course is designed to cultivate the students’ ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing. There are only 1-6 pupils in each class. When the students’ English reach a certain standard, they could join the local students in mainstream courses. Most of the students in Warwick School progress to the elite university after graduation. In 2014, 9 graduates received offers from Oxford and Cambridge and the number increased to 12 in 2015.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Warwick School provides high quality boarding environment for pupils in order to help them focus on learning as well as experiencing British culture and traditions. There are House Parents in two dormitories to help supervise and take care of boarders’ daily lives. School House is the boarding house for boys in Year 11 and above while Way House is the dormitory for boys in Year 9-10. The prefect and Sixth Formers have their own bedroom, and most students in doubles. From the laboratory to the church, all the boarders participate in and play the leading roles.

Extracurricular & personal development

Warwick School has always done well in music, drama and art. Also, school has a lot of sports and competitions, some of which have achieved excellent result. Given the fact that Warwick is boys’ school, sport has a prominent role. In addition to the ever popular sport of rugby, hockey, cricket, swimming, tennis, athletics, rowing and pigeon shooting are also available. Facilities include a top rate swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts, a sports hall and an indoor hockey pitch.

Besides sports, music and drama are just as important. ​School runs a lot of music-related clubs and societies to meet almost all the needs of students.​There are five orchestras, three wind bands, three jazz bands, rock groups, quartets and much more at Warwick. The proximity to Stratford may account for the School’s high achievements in drama. Its productions have won awards at the national Student Drama Festival, the only school to have done so.


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