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Tonbridge School

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Basic Information & Location

Tonbridge School, being one of the four most popular boarding boys’ schools in the UK, was established in 1553 and recruits boys from the age of 12-18. Most of the current students come from the middle-class families and even from noble families. The school is located in Kent, an hour drive from central London. The local crime rate is very low, and the surrounding environment is conducive to students’ daily study and learning. There are several girls’ schools around Tonbridge, such as Woldingham School and Benendon School. These schools communicate a lot and often hold inter-school activities hand in hand.

Academic Development

Tonbridge School is very good at academic, especially in the English language. Besides, Tonbridge is well-equipped. For Science, students can have lessons in laboratory with all equipment they need; for Art and Craft, there is a new built modern building for class. In the lower grades, there are about 20 students in each class. As students choose different majors, the size of each class will be reduced accordingly. There will be no more than 12 students in A-Level classes to ensure each student’s needs are met. In recent years, 99% of the graduates have been admitted to the universities and 24% were admitted to Oxford and Cambridge which is very satisfying. Students with mild dyslexia and dyspraxia are provided with all the necessary help, including one-to-one help in developing strategies for self-reliance later on.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Tonbridge preserves the House Dining system which is rare in UK boarding schools nowadays. Dining together every day greatly enhances the sense of belonging of students. Younger pupils shared room with three other classmates while senior pupils can enjoy room for double. The boarding houses in school are very nice, and most of the accommodation buildings are refurbished, making them more comfortable. Each dormitory is decorated in different way and has its own dining hall, providing cuisines of different countries. The main building of Tonbridge is quite similar to University of Cambridge in terms of architectural styles. Although it may look a bit old, facilities inside are modern and can meet students’ needs. Many buildings and departments are opened till night to for students’ easy access. Tonbridge updates the computers and softwares every year to ensure that students can get a taste of the latest IT equipment and technology.

Extracurricular & personal development

Another advantage of Tonbridge School is its sports performance, rugby in particular. In 1871, the very first international rugby match, there were two players, .E. Bentley and J.H. Luscombe, represented Tonbridge School and attended the match. At the same time, Tonbridge is famous for its cricket courts which is recognised as one of the best in the country. Other sports facilities include the track and field, the squash center, and the best and highest quality sports field. The school has at least three sports events every week, and hold games with other schools on Saturdays. Those activities may be football, rugby, cricket, rock climbing, squash and handball etc.

Art activities are also part of the school life. The school theatre was opened in 2000, and this has facilitated developments in arts greatly. Many performances are put on stage every semester, involving as many students as possible. Tonbridge specially sets up a recording studio for students who are interested in music bands. Students have opportunities to perform in theatre every semester, including jazz bands, strike bands, and there will also be mini concerts in the small auditorium.


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