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Rendcomb College

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Basic Information & Location

Rendcomb College is a co-educational independent boarding and day school for 3 to 18-year-olds, located in the village of Rendcomb five miles north of Cirencester in Gloucestershire, England.

School Motto

The school’s mission is to develop thoughtful, adventurous and academically ambitious young people who are lifelong learners. It aims to prepare them with the character and skills to succeed in the ever-changing world after school. Rendcomb’s pupils have the freedom to experience, explore and enquire about the world around them. We aim to encourage independence and tolerance in a safe, caring community and magnificent natural environment.

Academic Matters

Academic life at Rendcomb is part of the adventure of growing up and exploring, questioning and discovering new ideas. The school’s broad and varied study programme enables an all-round education providing a seamless transition from Nursery and Junior School through to Senior School and GCSEs and A Levels. It stretches pupils academically across the board whilst offering a strong level of individual support through our tutorial and academic structures.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Rendcomb has a strong house and tutor system which ensures that pupils receive the appropriate support where necessary enabling them to develop into confident, tolerant and caring adults. Pupils are assigned a tutor who looks after all aspects of their welfare at school. These tutors are in turn supported by a Head of Key Stage and Houseparents who have overall responsibility for the welfare of a House. As pupils progress through the school, they will join new tutor groups relevant to their studies, year group and House which allows for continuity at key phases of development.


Rendcomb offers an extensive range of activities throughout the Junior and Senior schools which changes termly. Pupils acquire new friendships, gain confidence and new skills as they mix with students outside of their peer and tutor groups. Sport at Rendcomb College offers a breadth of opportunity, enabling pupils to experience participation, competition and performance at a level appropriate to their stage of development. Pupils are encouraged to experience the benefits of team and individual sports, are taught the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are encouraged to make exercise a lifelong activity. Rendcomb College’s Music Department is vibrant and varied with many pupils throughout the Junior and Senior Schools taking individual instrumental lessons in addition to their timetabled music lessons. Pupils are encouraged to join the many ensembles and activities on offer.



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