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Uppingham School is a top boarding senior school in the UK, educating 13-18 years old boys and girls. Almost all pupils are boarders, of which 16% are international students. The school was established in 1584, and is located in the Ruthland area with 100 kilometers distance from London. Uppingham adopts open campus so the teaching buildings are not confined in fixed area but all around the quiet and beautiful town. Uppingham is one of the top 24 public schools in the UK. The main competitors are Oundle School and Oakham School.

Academic Development

Uppingham School has been outstanding in both academic and artistic fields. Almost every graduator can enter the top universities in Britain, and many graduators have been successful get into Cambridge and Oxford. In 2015, 49.2% of the senior high school students got A*-A, and 37.3% of the junior high school students got A*, 70.9% A*-A. The school sets up professional learning groups and tutors for students. Students can improve their academic achievement through academic reinforcement and expansion, and filly enter their ideal colleges to continue their further education. School is famous for its science and Latin, and students have made great achievements in these subjects. ​The new Science Centre built in 2015 swept the boards at the 2015 Royal Institute of British Architects East Midlands Awards. comprises 15 spacious state-of-the-art laboratories in chemistry, physics and biology, plus a buttery and lecture theatre as well as a range of other teaching spaces and laboratories.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Uppingham School offers 9 boys’ and 6 girls’ boarding house for nearly 800 students. Each dormitory has no more than 61 students so as to provide more comprehensive care for each student. At the same time, Uppingham School encourages students to participate in the management of dormitories and cultivate their self-confidence and team spirit. Students in Year 9 and Year 10 share bedroom with other pupils, while students from Year 11 to Year 13 can enjoy single learning bedrooms.

Extracurricular & personal development

As a supplement to the academic curriculum, Uppingham School provides a wide range of extracurricular activities for students. Particularly, its music education is well known in the UK, and students can enjoy the best music facilities and equipments in the country. The School was first in the country to appoint a director of music – in 1865 – and is still a leader. Music groups include two orchestras, chamber groups, jazz, wind and swing bands, chapel choir, chamber and close harmony choirs. Chapel choir is extremely popular and has performed in many places, both in the country and abroad. Students are encouraged to try their hand at everything from fine art to photography. A 300-seat main theatre, a smaller drama studio with foyer, two drama classrooms and workshop space have all contributed to the popularity of drama at Uppingham. There is a major school production every year, from Sweeney Todd to Pygmalion, along with the sixth form, lower school and junior productions and performances by visiting professional companies. The performance in art, drama and design technology of Uppingham also wins a great reputation. In 2010, the school invested millions of pounds in gymnasiums in order to provide students with the best facilities for physical education and activity.



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