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Christ’s Hospital School

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Christ’s Hospital – ‘A School Like No Other’

If you want a school with the ‘wow’ factor in abundance, look no further than Christ’s Hospital.

Christ’s Hospital is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 11-18 with just over 900 pupils. Situated in beautiful Sussex countryside between London and Brighton. The School is 20 miles south of London Gatwick and 38 miles from London Heathrow.

Christ’s Hospital has been rated ‘excellent’ in every aspect by the Independent Schools’ Inspectorate.


Academic Development

The school is unashamedly academic – with 98% of pupils moving on each year to the leading universities in this country and abroad.


Pastoral Care & Boarding

Christ’s Hospital offers its pupils something very rare in UK independent education. The School is one of only four co-educational full boarding senior schools in the country. The advantage of full boarding is that all pupils stay at school twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

All pupils live in one of 18 Boarding Houses: a pupil’s Boarding House is their home. 16 of the Houses look after the school’s 11-17 year olds and these Houses are single-sex (that is, boys and girls are housed separately). There are between 40-50 girls or boys in each of these Houses and they are run by a Houseparent who is assisted by four other House tutors and by matrons.

Each room has a bed, desk, wardrobe and a chest of drawers. The younger pupils will share up to, perhaps, four in each room whilst the oldest pupils will almost all have rooms of their own. No international pupils will share with someone from the same country as the school wants them to speak and learn English as much as possible.

Once the pupils enter Year 13 (Upper Sixth), they move into one of two ‘Grecians’ Houses which are similar to university halls of residence. Boys and girls share a common area but there are single sex staircases and everyone has their own study bedroom.

The pupils will be expected to do some tidying up in the House and make their own beds but the School has a big laundry to wash all clothes (uniform and non-uniform) and staff clean the Houses every day.

All Boarding Houses have larger rooms (common rooms) where pupils can meet together with other pupils of a similar age and enjoy, for example, table tennis or television.


Extra-curricular & Personal Development

The challenge curriculum approach adopted by Christ’s Hospital means that the pupils’ curriculum includes academic, pastoral and broader elements. The school wants its pupils’ experiences in the broader curriculum to be varied, rewarding and about discovering and developing new and lifelong interests and talents.

The school’s diverse curriculum encourages life-skills and offers an enormous range of Sport, Music, Art, Drama and Outward bound activity as well as activities, clubs and societies to choose from, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Young Enterprise, chess, debating, public speaking and so many more listed below.

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) provides unforgettable experiences and allows the cadets to work together as a team and to develop leadership skills, as does the flourishing MUN project.

The school’s school trips take pupils all over the world. Recently pupils have travelled to New York, sailed the Aegean Sea, as well as visiting France, Germany, Italy, Spain and much of Europe. Closer to home its Community Action programme teaches children the importance of society and citizenship working with the elderly, primary school children and those with special needs.

The school’s programme educates its pupils for the wider world and also complements and strengthens academic studies and Christ’s Hospital continuously encourages and helps each pupil to identify and embrace fresh challenges.

Careers provision is offered throughout the school, through PSHE and tutorial programmes. Year 10 pupils complete the COA Careers Brief in the Summer Term and receive their profile reports at the start of Year 11. Specialist drop-in sessions are run twice a week offering pupils an opportunity to receive personalised advice and guidance.


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