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Handcross Park Prep School

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Basic Information & Location

Handcross Park, which is located in the area of Horsham and Haywards Heath, less than an hour away from central London, offers a high-quality all-round education to boys and girls up to the age of 13 and places traditional family values at the heart of its education provision.

School Motto

Within an environment which is firmly stimulating and vibrant, children are in an excellent position to flourish and succeed. With traditional values and innovative teaching, a Handcross Park education is a rounded one in every sense of the word.

Academic Matters

Handcross Park can boast outstanding scholarship results and an excellent Common Entrance record which represent the high quality of teaching provided with the aim of preparing children for the best senior schools in the UK. The School takes pride in the pursuit of excellence for all its pupils, educating them along the way to become compassionate, articulate and sociable individuals.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Full and weekly boarding options are available from the age of 7. The boarding house can be described as home-from-home accommodation with a hospitable family environment available to both weekly and full boarders. Residents can make use of the facilities during the evenings and weekends.


Handcross attempts to make the most of its 50 acres of Sussex countryside, with extensive playing fields, a six-hole golf course as well as an Organic Garden complete with chickens. There is also a music school, a sports hall and an ICT suite.


Mabel Lucy

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School fee

Year 7 - 8

(Y7) £45540/ (Y8) £45840


2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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