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Padworth College

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Basic Information & Location

Padworth College was founded in 1963 by Oxford University tutor, Peter Fison, and a group of Oxford dons. Its vision is to bring Oxford’s educational philosophy of tutorial teaching to school-level education. It is a day and boarding school for students aged 13 to 18.

Located at a lightly populated locality in the hamlet of Padworth, near the university town of Reading, the school is in a picturesque countryside. It is also housed in a former historic country estate and enjoys the view of the beautiful landscape of West Berkshire.

Academic Development

The strongest characteristic of Padworth College is to value individuality. Through small and informal classes, enquiry-based and interactive learning is encouraged. Students follow their own individual and unique program of learning according to own career aspirations, interests and abilities.

For students aged 13 to 14, its Year 9 curriculum aims at developing their intellectual, creative and sporting interests. Except from the core subjects, students also have the opportunities to participate in different co-curricular pursuits, sports, music and art. Students are required to make GCSE choices towards the end of Spring term.

For students aged 14 to 16, they will follow a two-year program leading to GCSE or IGCSE. It is also possible to finish within one year though. Compulsory and various optional subjects are provided; students can choose up to 10 subjects.

As for students aged 16 to 18, they will follow a two-year A-Level course. Students is going to choose three A Level subjects. International students also require IELTS to fit with the university entrance requirement.

Aside for the regular university preparation program, Padworth College also provides a Business Foundation Course for students aged 17 to 18. It is a one-year course focusing on business which allows a fast track access to UK universities. The course is consisted of law, finance, business and information and communication technology (ICT) classes.

During and upon completion of the course, students are supported through the UCAS application process. Past students successfully gained places at top universities in UK. A variety of business-related courses including International Business Management, Business and Marketing and Management and Strategy are popular choices for students at university.

Pastoral Care & Boarding 

The main characteristic of Padworth’s boarding is about the strong focus on pastoral care and student welfare. Since the school community is small, students and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other really well. Its Principal, Deputy Principal and House Parents also reside on-campus, creating a family atmosphere of care and support for students.


Boarders would enjoy various activities during the week and at weekends. Sports like badminton, basketball, football and yoga is arranged on weekdays, while sightseeings, excursions and trips on weekends.


There is a special short immersion program for international students. They can have the opportunity to discover and experience life at Padworth College without committing long-term. It provides intensive English tuition, a taste of boarding, a personalised timetable and optional sightseeing.

Extracurricular & personal development 

Designed to complement students’ learning experience, the co-curricular activities are providing a balance to academic study. Students are motivated to try new things, having the opportunity to excel.

Among all the activities, sports is believed to support the overall well-being of every student. Students have free choices to try and pursue. Through sports, students can learn self-discipline, perseverance and resilience as well as helps to reflect and refocus.  There are 15 choices in total, including hockey, archery and netball.

Music is also a focused part as Padworth believes music has a positive influence on the development of young adults including increasing the capacity of memory, sharpening the concentration and fostering self-expressions. Instrumental lessons for individuals or small groups are offered. Popular choices include vocal training, piano, violin and guitar.

As for Art, students can explore talents and develop skills in many different fields, such as fine art, graphic design, photography, 3D work, sculpture and textiles. Students are also offered the opportunity to participate in different day, residential trips and tours.


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