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Clifton College

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Basic Information & Location

Clifton College is a co-educational boarding school in the suburb of Clifton in the city of Bristol, the South-West region of England. It is one of the 24 public schools and a very famous one in Bristol. It has its own preparatory school which is rare for public schools. Clifton College is prestigious in the UK. It bred three Nobel Prize winners and many cricket players over the years. Bristol is described as ‘the handsomest suburb in Europe’. There is a national Express coach service from Gatwick and Heathrow to Bristol and the school is just 20 minutes from Bristol International Airport by taxi. Clifton was founded in 1862. It is a boys-only school at first, but it admitted girls to the Sixth Form in 1987 and is now fully co-educational. The latest report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) rated Clifton College as excellent in all areas.

There are many notable alumni in Clifton College, including Julia Hwang, the world-famous violinist, Lily Owsley, the British hockey player, Ben O’Sullivan, the hockey player who joined Hockey for Wales and Lea van der Zwalmen, who won the championship in the World Junior Squash Championship.

Academic Development

The school offers a tailored, all-round education for each child through exceptional pastoral care, inspirational teaching, diverse and targeted co-curricular activities and excellent facilities. They are making strides in academic performance. In 2017, 76% of A-Level grades were A*-B while 68% of GCSE grades were A*-A and they sent more pupils than ever to their first choice of Russell Group universities including Durham, Exeter, Bath, Imperial College, London School of Economics and Politics, and University College London. There are specialist careers advice, with pupils receiving guidance from parents, teachers, tutors, House Masters, the Head of Sixth Form and outside experts. Whether students want to go on attend university or go to work directly, they can still seek advice from the school.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

There are seven boarding houses in the school, including four Boys’ Houses (Watson’s House, Moberly’s House, School House and Wiseman’s House) and three Girls’ Houses (Oakeley’s House, Worcester House and Hallward’s House). There are 55-80 students in each house. Boarders share the residence with a Housemaster or Housemistress and their family, an Assistant, a Matron, and sometimes a pet which the boarders can play with. In addition, each House has up to five non-residential tutors. Boarders are encouraged to take part in any weekend activities or trips organised by their House.

Extracurricular & personal development

Clifton College offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for pupils, including sports, drama and dance, music, outdoor activities, trips and expedition. The college has its own-built theater and the annual musical is a huge event for the students to take part in a show. Apart from the sporting facilities at school, the school is in an ideal position to offer outdoor activities as it is set in a suburb on the edge of Bristol, which allows Clifton to hold survival skills course and kayaking course at school. Climbing at the Avon Gorge and sailing on the Chew Valley Lake rock are popular activities as well.


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