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British higher education boasts a global reputation owing to factors such as

  • the UK’s rich cultural heritage
  • high-quality learning environments
  • effective teaching methods fostering talent across diverse fields
  • and a rigorous regulatory system ensuring worldwide recognition of British university certificates


As a result, studying in the UK is a coveted dream for many students worldwide, including those from Hong Kong, with a growing preference for British universities as their educational destination.

British University Degrees Are Highly Sought After, Making Admission A Challenging Endeavor.

Navigating the complex process from preparation to application for British universities can be daunting. Thus, early familiarity with factors like university background, expertise, and campus environment is beneficial. Preparation significantly enhances opportunity acquisition.

In addressing this challenge, Britannia is committed to providing professional, comprehensive, and attentive British university consulting services.

We begin by listening to the needs of parents and students.

Subsequently, we identify a range of institutions and subjects that fulfill these requirements and present them to parents and students.

We consider various factors such as the institution's reputation, departmental professionalism, graduate employment prospects, consumer prices, humanistic atmosphere, geographical environment, and climate.

In summary, we are committed to assisting you in applying smoothly, swiftly, and worry-free to secure enrollment in your desired British university and subject.

Britannia hosts numerous UK Education Exhibitions annually, showcasing British university lecturers and industry professionals. These events assist parents and students in selecting appropriate schools and subjects, guiding them towards clear goals and preventing missteps.

With over a decade of experience, Britannia has facilitated over 6,000 Hong Kong students in studying in the UK, establishing a trusted reputation in the field. We are excited to support you on your journey to British university education.

Diversified British University Study Plans

Contrary to popular belief, admission to UK universities isn’t solely reliant on prestigious grades.
In fact, there are numerous pathways to securing entry to a British university.

Regardless of your academic qualifications and grades, there's always a customized study plan available to assist you in obtaining a British bachelor's degree.

While a direct bachelor’s degree from a British university is ideal with the right grades, don’t despair if you face exam challenges like the Hong Kong DSE or British A-Levels. Even without these exams, alternative pathways exist.

Renowned UK universities and third-party institutions like Cardiff, Durham, and Sheffield offer Foundation and International Year One courses. These have less strict admission criteria than bachelor’s degrees.

Completing a one-year course equips students for progression to a British bachelor’s degree. Moreover, international first-year students can even skip to the second year, with admission rates up to 90%.

A Hong Kong student completing the Basic Course or International Year 1 in the UK shared their successful bachelor’s degree pursuit experience during an interview with Britannia. The student noted, “High admission rates and straightforward course progression, with much content already covered during studies in Hong Kong.”

Watch the video below for more insights.

We provide consultation and application services for British Master's and Preparatory Courses.

Students and parents can reach out to Britannia directly for tailored inquiries. Our professional education consultants ensure comprehensive assistance with utmost consideration.

Key Points for Studying in British Universities

The pathways to enrol in a British university are diverse

with various forms such as

  • undergraduate programmes
  • foundation courses
  • and international year one programmes

each having distinct requirements and features that are worth understanding for different students and parents.

Taking foundation courses as an example,

These programs cater to students in Forms 5 and 6, or those not pursuing public examinations or facing exam setbacks. They span from 6 months to 1 year. Upon meeting specified course scores, students progress directly to the first year of university without retaking public examinations.

In recent years, prestigious universities like The University of Durham, The University of Bristol, and The University of Birmingham, all part of the Russell Group, have introduced foundation courses.

International Year 1 (IYO) caters to a different set of students.

Named aptly, this program caters exclusively to international students, especially those whose exam results marginally miss the entry requirements of their preferred university.

The curriculum mirrors that of a university’s first year, and upon achieving the necessary scores, students seamlessly progress to the second year of the affiliated university degree program in the subsequent year, highlighting the program’s exceptional flexibility.

Contact our consultants for comprehensive assistance based on your individual needs.

Britannia offers services for

  • master’s programmes
  • corresponding preparatory courses
  • along with a range of other consultancy services


Chan – Year 10
Thanks to Britannia’s team, especially Carson, for guiding us through school selection. Our son excelled at Bede’s for 2 years, made new friends, and integrated into the local culture. Thanks to Bede’s for teaching according to his aptitude and taking care of him. The school impressed us most by arranging a teacher to accompany students returning to Hong Kong during the pandemic.
Vallerie, Y11
Teachers at this school are caring and prioritize communication with students. The campus is nice and encourages trying new things like drama, STEM, and sports. Small class sizes fosters close relationships with classmates, but social events are also a great way to make new friends.
Tatiana – Y7
Loved my time at Bromsgrove School! Favorite moments were spent with friends and learning new things. Disliked sports, but gap teachers were encouraging and helpful. Always felt safe around friends and teachers. Delicious food and fun weekend trips.
Ben – Year 10
Bloxham School
I joined Bloxham School in 2020, recommended by Britannia. Despite the pandemic, their tight-knit community helped me adapt quickly to boarding life. After two years, I feel welcomed by teachers and classmates. Public events like MUN offered valuable skills and opportunities, including speaking at the Oxford Union. I recommend Bloxham for students seeking a friendly community near Oxford.
Hayden and Charlotte
Box Hill School
Hayden and Charlotte adjust to the new school and enjoy school life. The school is caring towards newcomers, with kind teachers and opportunities for trying new things. Despite weaker academics, they’re interested in learning new subjects like Spanish and French.
Victor Leung
Sedbergh School
I love living in a Boarding House. The House Master is very nice and helpful, the food is very tasty and when I have a problem with my homework, I can just ask someone next door or my roommate. At Sedbergh there is a lot of space to play rugby and basketball, something which there isn’t in Hong Kong. We also have lessons outside which is something I never experienced in Hong Kong.
Vivienne Wong

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