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Wellington School

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Basic Information & Location

Wellington School is a boarding school for boys and girls aged between 11 and 18. It is located in the suburb of Somerset, South-west for over 170 years. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the railway station nearby. Among some 700 students, 10% of them are international students who come from Japan, Chi, Spain, Italy, Germany and so on.

Academic Development

Wellington School has excellent academic achievements, and most of the graduates are able to enter universities. There are about 10% of them receive offers from Oxford and Cambridge every year. In 2017, 47% students got A*-A in GCSE, and 66% students got A*-B in A-Level. The school offers one-year A-Level course especially for international students. In this course, students can take five or six subjects, including English, Mathematics, Business, Economics, Chemical and Physics. To ensure the quality of teaching, only 16 students are admitted in each course. At the same time, there are English Preparatory Courses and IELTS Preparation Courses for EAL students. These courses help international students to enhance their English proficiency and academic performance drastically, and eventually get offers from ideal universities.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

The Senior boys (13 – 18 years old) live in two houses, Willows and Lights; the Lower School boys and girls (10 – 13 years old) enjoy the space of Overside House and senior girls live in Beech House. Each House has a close-knit sense of family and community, and joins in inter-house events. For example, boarders work together to raise money for charity, performing boarders’ plays, celebrating Chinese New Year etc. Live-in House staff, supported by tutors and matrons, are committed to knowing each pupil and ensuring pastoral care as well as academic monitoring. They also make sure boarders have fun through organised activities ranging from cinema to bowling and shopping trips.

Extracurricular & personal development

There are various training venues fat campus, including indoor stadium, all-weather swimming pool, tennis courts, fencing and Riding Center field. Wellington School continually support the renovation or construction of facilities and resources, including The Princess Royal Sport Complex stadium which is equipped with first-class facilities. It was the 2012 London Olympic athletes training ground. The Alan Rogers Centre contains classrooms, galleries and examination rooms for indoor activities. The establishment of the new theatre provides pupils who are good at arts and drama with opportunities to shine, and it is more conducive to the all-round development. Meanwhile, Combined Cadet Force and the Edinburgh Award Scheme are very popular among students as well.



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