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Woodbridge School

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Basic Information & Location

Woodbridge School is an independent school in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, founded in 1577, for the poor of Woodbridge. It was later supported by the Seckford Foundation. Woodbridge School has been co-educational since September 1974.

School Motto

Woodbridge School aims to be a community in which the quality of relationships is given a high priority, and in which pupils, parents and staff work together for the benefit of each other and the wider community.

Academic Matters

The curriculum at Woodbridge School is a traditional academic curriculum, combining breadth with a strong focus on the major academic disciplines. It aims to provide each pupil with the essential intellectual skills needed for later study, including the ability to think critically and logically, whilst still capturing the imagination and allowing for diversity of interests. All academic subjects are important and help to develop different areas of the brain, for example English develops the ability to use language precisely and creatively, whilst history and social sciences require that pupils are able to research and then construct clear, logical arguments based on their findings. In the creative arts, pupils are given extensive opportunities to create their own direction.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Boarding at Woodbridge School aims to provide students with an invaluable and unique experience that will remain with them throughout the rest of their lives. At Woodbridge, each student enjoys the highest level of care and support throughout all aspects of School life.


The school believes that extracurricular activities are central to the all-round development of its pupils, and aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for pupils to experience a wide range of activities which will enrich their lives in and out of school. Its activities programme shows a commitment by the staff and pupils who lead and take part in this crucial aspect of school life.


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2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

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