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Wycombe Abbey

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Wycombe Abbey Overview

Wycombe Abbey, situated in the town of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England, is a renowned and esteemed independent boarding school exclusively for girls. Established in 1896, the institution is celebrated for its exceptional educational standards and unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded education.

Wycombe Abbey has earned a distinguished reputation for its academic prowess, consistently delivering exceptional results in public examinations. Alongside its academic achievements, the school places great importance on fostering a vibrant co-curricular environment, promoting participation in sports, arts, and leadership development.

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Wycombe Abbey ⁠Academic Results

A Level
  • A*: 32.4%
  • A*-B: 92%
  • 9-7: 97.5%

Wycombe Abbey School excels in the realm of academic results, prioritising exceptional teaching and consistently achieving stellar GCSE and A-level grades. The dedicated faculty leaves no room for complacency, employing meticulous preparation, mock exams, and tailored support to ensure students’ success. The school follows a personalised academic approach, valuing individual growth rather than a standardised production line. Strong results are consistently seen across a wide range of subjects, with particular emphasis on mathematics and sciences.

The school’s focus on university preparation has evolved to emphasise critical thinking and the development of targeted skills. While the workload may present challenges, it sparks differing opinions regarding the value of a well-rounded education. The school’s traditional curriculum includes Latin, Greek, and modern languages, fostering enrichment and overall personal growth.

Wycombe Abbey ⁠Extracurricular

Wycombe Abbey provides a diverse array of opportunities and exceptional resources for students to pursue their interests, placing a strong emphasis on individual initiative.

While some parents express concerns about limited supervision potentially leading to a lack of motivation, the overall culture fosters active involvement and engagement. Academics are given greater priority over sports, music, and drama, following a unanimous order of importance.

Music is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum for students in years 7 and 8, with the option to pursue GCSE and A-level music in later years. Students have the opportunity to receive instrumental lessons from visiting instructors, and the school supports a wide range of orchestras, bands, and choirs. The vibrant music scene at Wycombe Abbey encompasses various performances, including the renowned “Glastonabbey” and collaborative events with other schools. Additionally, the school offers a range of societies and clubs led by sixth form students, catering to diverse interests beyond academics. Notably, the Model United Nations society stands out, organising events such as diplomatic dinners and highland balls.

The sports department at Wycombe Abbey School is vibrant and comprehensive, providing a diverse range of activities that cater to both competitive and inclusive interests. The school boasts impressive facilities, including outdoor pitches, a fully equipped sports centre, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool, accommodating a wide variety of sporting pursuits. While participation in sports is mandatory, the school’s approach encourages students to discover their passions rather than enforcing compulsory involvement. Lacrosse takes centre stage as a major focus, with the school consistently reaching national finals and the highly anticipated Wycombe vs Eton match, accompanied by lighthearted promotional campaigns. The school, mindful of the diverse interests of its students, strikes a balance by offering indoor alternatives such as netball during the winter season to cater to non-sporty girls.

Wycombe Abbey Boarding

At Wycombe Abbey School, students have the choice between full boarding or day options, and the school is accommodating when it comes to weekend stays. The campus itself is situated on rolling terrain and features beautiful boarding accommodations. Each location has its unique advantages – Daws Hill offers picturesque views and has its own dining hall, while the ‘out houses’ boast cosy fireplaces and convenient proximity to facilities.

The school has separate houses designated for the oldest and youngest pupils, with different arrangements tailored to each age group. The dress code for older students is relaxed and casual.

For students in Years 8 to 11, there are mixed-age houses. Opinions among parents vary regarding the challenge of keeping up with highly intelligent teenage girls. Dormitory rotations occur on a semi-termly basis, aiming to provide students with a broader range of experiences and perspectives.

Other Facilities

Numerous residential buildings offer laundry amenities, enabling students to conveniently attend to their personal belongings.

Several residential buildings provide dedicated study spaces or tranquil areas where students can concentrate on their academic endeavours within a conducive setting.

Each residential building may feature social lounges, providing students with communal areas to gather, interact, and unwind during their leisure time. These spaces often include seating arrangements, recreational activities, and entertainment options.

Wycombe Abbey Fees

2024 - 2025

Full Boarding
£ 50,925

For those pupils whose normal residence is outside the United Kingdom, or those who require a Child Student Visa, the Acceptance Deposit plus an Additional Deposit of £13,400 is required, making a total Deposit of £15,900.

Wycombe Abbey Testimonials and Reviews

Simon D.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Read More
Wycombe Abbey is the best school its rated 8 in the top fifty schools in the UK. Even though I have never been there I think its amazing. The website is great and it gives you lots of information on the school itself. I think its the best school ever and I really want to go there one day. It seems lots of fun.
Aicha Katerina⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Read More
I attended this school for 5 years. Its an absolutely amazing learning facility and I definitely recommend it!
Susan Lory⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Read More
I have just started at this school and it is AMAZING.
Rachel Smith⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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A super beautiful place, rarely something like this, especially a unique school!

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