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The Royal Masonic School for Girls

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Basic Information & Location

The Royal Masonic School for Girls is an independent school in Rickmansworth, in the East of England region. The campus is set on 215 acres of beautiful ground. Rickmansworth is a commuter town close to London and it is less than an hour from all major London airports and 30 minutes by underground from central London. The school is one of the oldest girls’ schools in the country founded in 1788 to educate the daughters of Freemasons who were unable to support their families through death, illness or disability. It became an open fee paying school in 1978 and accepts girls from all backgrounds and faiths. In 1934, it moved to its present site. The Independent Schools Inspectorate assessed the School as being “excellent” in all areas in 2017; this is the highest judgement that a school can be awarded. In the Focused Compliance Inspection they have been judged as being fully compliant in all respects.

Students who wish to apply for the Royal Masonic School have to be self-discipline as they can go out of school during weekends to travel in London or sleep over in the home of local students. Since there are not many rich families living in that area, the application number is not high and the admission requirement is relatively low.

Academic Development

The Royal Masonic School for Girls strives to enable each and every pupil, regardless of background, to develop to the full their academic, personal and creative potential. This can be shown by the excellent performance of their students in public exams. The pass rate at both GCSE and A-Level has been 100% since 2001. In 2017, 78% of GCSE grades are A*-B and 72% of A-Level grades are A*-B. Every year their students are remarkably successful in receiving offers on the most competitive courses and the most prestigious institutions, with 92% achieving their first choice of subject and institution. The most popular university destinations over recent years have been Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Exeter and Leeds. The programme of work experience and individual consultations with the Head of Careers enable girls to develop their future plans. Higher Education Forum is offered to the girls and parents. The school work closely with the alumni and parents to form professional networks for the leavers.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

The Royal Masonic School has three boarding houses where girls are allocated by year group. There are some 90 boarders. Each house is staffed by an experienced team of staff, who foster a homely and supportive community. The core of the boarding is British and they have a balanced mixture of other nationalities. It will be a good opportunity for the students to learn about different culture and enhance their language proficiency. The nursing team in the Health Centre deliver first aid and emotional support for pupils if injured or unwell during the school day, as well as providing individual health care for boarding pupils.

Extracurricular & personal development

Aiming to develop the full potential of the students, the Royal Masonic School provides a wide range of extracurricular activities. From Debating to the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and Astronomy to Aerobics, there is something for everyone – and if it does not exist, girls are encouraged to start up a new club that reflects their interests. Throughout the year regular fixtures are arranged against numerous schools in all major sports, with girls competing in friendly, district and county leagues. As well as competitive team training, recreational clubs are provided in a range of sports, which are accessible to all. To train up the leadership skills and ensure all round development, the school also offers army cadet force, voluntary service, UK and overseas trip and charity to the students.


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