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The Royal School, Haslemere

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Basic Information & Location

The Royal School Haslemere is an international independent school for students from 4 – 18. It is situated in the leafy environs of Surrey in England.

School Motto

The school aims to nurture and encourage our young people, while at the same time challenging each one to be the best they can be. It focuses very much on the individual, seeking to develop every child’s talents and instilling in each one intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.


Academic Matters

International students study the required subjects, but they also take English language tuition in order to fully develop their language skills to the best of their ability. There are two GCSE courses available, one year and two year. The one year GCSE is perfect for international students, as they work toward a First Certificate Language qualification or an IGCSE in English as well as taking 5 or 6 subjects. The two year course means students take 8 or 9 subjects, and also work towards an English language qualification. The Royal School has been ranked as one of the most consistent A-level schools in the country, though entry into its sixth form is considered tough, but fair.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

The Queen Elizabeth II Boarding House caters for the sixth formers. Rooms are single or twin study bedrooms, and the house has its own lecture theatre which is utilised at weekends for movies. The house has two common rooms, equipped with study spaces, sofas, large screen TV sets, computers and printers, with facilities for making snacks. There is a recently refurbished lecture theatre, used for some teaching, assemblies and house activities, with a large projector screen and home theatre surround sound which is also very popular for weekend movie sessions. Stoatley House caters for students 7 – 16, though these ages are groups into 7 – 11 and 11 – 16. There are small dormitories with a maximum of six beds, with plenty of personal study space.


The school is keen on utilizing sport for self-development and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and they offer cross country running, gymnastics and lacrosse among many other disciplines at the younger ages, before inter-school competition means that the more senior teams pursue sports such as tennis, cricket and netball.


Mabel Lucy

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2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

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