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Mill Hill School

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Basic Information & Location

Mill Hill School is a co-educational boarding school at the outskirts of London. Mill Hill School offers boarding from the age of 13 with entry points at Year 9, Year 10 (2-Year GCSE) and Year 12 (A level). Mill Hill School has a total of 800 pupils (from Year 9 to year 13) with 110 boarding pupils and about 690 day pupils from families living in Mill Hill and other north London boroughs. The percentage of international pupils is about 15% from over 30 different nationalities.


School Motto

Mill Hill’s vision is to ensure all its pupils are equipped to thrive in life, now and in the future. The school is committed to the development of every pupil and believe that its friendly and supportive community helps this to happen.


Academic Development

Mill Hill School aims to provide excellence in education and to support all of its pupils in the passage from childhood towards adulthood. At the same time, it seeks to develop in every pupil self-discipline, responsibility, spiritual and moral values, leading to the highest possible standards of behaviour, consideration for others, pride in oneself and in one’s achievements. The academic curriculum provided by the School plays a key role in helping it to meet these aims, and it seeks to offer a broad, flexible and forward-looking curriculum which encourages among pupils intellectual curiosity, sound learning and a spirit of enquiry in the pursuit of academic excellence.


Pastoral Care & Boarding

The school’s aims in Boarding are to:

• Look after boarders’ physical, emotional, academic, social and spiritual needs;

• Recognise the benefits of its multi-cultural community and generate an understanding/respect for all races, cultures, faiths and nationalities;

• Create a warm, caring environment with an open and trusting ethos;

• Create an atmosphere where friendship, acceptance, honesty and trust are routine and where boarders can relax free from stress, intimidation or abuse;

• Maintain and encourage high standards in academic activities, inspire learning and value effort, endeavour and innovation;

• Balance rigorous academic study with a broad extra-curricular programme; • Nurture and protect pupils by creating a homely, safe living environment;

• Encourage a healthy lifestyle;

• Provide appropriate opportunities for development of leadership roles;

• Work in close partnership with parents and guardians to promote pupil welfare;

• Protect the safety of boarding pupils from malicious influences by building a culture of openness and empathy; and

• Offer a thoughtful Induction Programme to meet boarders’ needs.


Extra-curricular & Personal Development

The definition of a successful Millhillian goes far deeper than a stellar set of examination results. The school aims to broaden pupils’ minds with its extensive and challenging range of Clubs and Activities within its co-curricular programme. It offers over 200 activities, the majority of which are run on site so there is bound to be something that will entice every pupil.


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