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New Hall School

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Basic Information & Location

New Hall School is a leading Catholic independent boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 3-18. It is located in the countryside of Chelmsford, Essex in Eastern England. Set in the 70-arce stunning location of the former Tudor palace of Beaulieu— once owned by Henry VII— the school is surrounded by a historic park and extensive gardens. As for transport, New Hall is around an hour ride from London and well within easy reach from all major London airports. Founded by the Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre in Liège in 1942, the school is the oldest Catholic school in England. It became a separate educational charity with boys first admitted to the senior school in 2005. Just like other Catholic schools such as Downside School, it is renowned for its exceptionally high teaching standards. New Hall School is also one of the HMC schools. The total number of students is around 1,100, of which 240 students are boarders.

Academic Development

The school aims to provide the students the best start in life, enabling them to meet confidently the challenges of the wider world, whereas academic excellence is promoted via relationships based on care, trust and respect. New Hall operates a diamond model— students are educated in co-educational classes up to age 11 and again in Sixth Form, but in single-sex classes from 11 to 16. This sets out to tailor pastoral and academic provision more sensitively for young people in the single-sex teaching and remove gender stereotypes of subjects in the Sixth Form. New Hall offers a broad curriculum which caters for every student by including rare subjects like Politics and Theology. Language education is also highly valued. Students learn French from three years old, Latin from seven, and Spanish from twelve. The school is famous for its outstanding academic results. In 2017, A*-A grades accounted for 44% and 54% at A Level and GCSE respectively. Upon graduation, students go on to study at a wide range of universities including Oxbridge and the Russell Group, prestigious Art Foundation courses, as well as a variety of universities overseas.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

New Hall welcomes students from different traditions, seeking to build a Christian community that has its prayer and service to others. The Catholic values of trust and respect lie at the heart of pastoral care. Full boarding, weekly boarding and flexi-boarding are available across six single-sex houses, namely Magdalen, Hawley, Dennett, Earle, Petre and Campion, for students aged from 7 to 18. Around a third of the boarders are international, with the majority in the Sixth Form houses. The team of boarding staff is dedicated to providing a happy, settled and safe family environment for every child. Single study bedrooms are offered for most boarders, and all rooms are well furnished with internet access.

Extracurricular & personal development

The co-curricular programme at New Hall is specifically designed to provide the breadth to the education that enables the development of well-balanced individuals. Students achieve high standards in a wide range of activities. Regarding performing arts, students are encouraged to participate in the courses from the London Academy of Dramatic Art (LAMDA) to boost confidence and unleash their potential. The school has at least eight productions each year, enabling students from various years to take on roles both on stage and off stage. The Dance Club is often invited to perform in large-scale events, including the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Regarding sports, students have achieved success in county, regional and national competitions. The facilities at New Hall are exceptional, including the 25-metre indoor swimming pool, indoor sports centre, athletic tracks, outdoor playing fields and etc.


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