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Concord College is a highly academic independent international school in England for day and boarding students. The school welcomes students from all over the world and the local area into its vibrant and varied community.

Girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 19 enjoy fabulous facilities on our safe 80 acre campus set in the heart of the English countryside. The school expects its students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK. It also takes care to nurture the individuality of students at Concord to develop their self-confidence. They are also encouraged to understand the needs of others and to respect the values of the Concord community.


Pastoral Care & Boarding

In this environment, achievement is celebrated and harassment of any kind is not tolerated. The school seeks to encourage independence, maturity and responsibility in every student in our care. Students are expected to behave in a way that promotes understanding and harmony. Above all, Concord is a community committed to high standards, hard work and mutual respect.

Concord’s boarding accommodation is divided into 17 residences of varying size. Each residence is single sex and has a residential Boarding Parent with other support staff available to give relief. Additionally, Lower School residences have full time Boarding Assistants to ensure that the younger students are able to come home to a greater level of care.


Extra-curricular & Personal Development

There is a wide range of enrichment activities organised for students at Concord. The comprehensive Enrichment Programme offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities that students may choose to participate in, including sports, outdoor education, charity organisations, creative arts, and many other clubs and societies.

In addition to the Enrichment Programme, Concord also offers a range of other activities, some compulsory and others optional, to help broaden the educational experience of the students and help prepare them for life after Concord. This includes the interhouse sports competition, together with the House Arts event, formal and informal concerts throughout the year, timetabled sports lessons, PSHE lessons, support for university applications and careers advice and department-led enrichment (such as training for Olympiad competitions).

The school also organises a wide range of trips off site, including day trips to places of interest at weekends and during holidays, outdoor educational experiences for each year group except year 13, and opportunities to explore international destinations.

Student-led activities are actively encouraged, and currently include the peer mentoring scheme, the international food fair, many academic discussion groups, charity fundraising initiatives and the 6.2 concert.


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