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Bede’s Senior School

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Basic Information & Location

Bede’s Senior School is a co-educational boarding school located by the sea in Eastbourne in the south east of England with 80-acre campus. The school offers education from the age of 3 months through to 18 years old and pride themselves on discovering and developing the talents of each and every pupil. The school shares many similarities with Ashford school. It may appear less appealing comparing to other elite schools in the highly competitive district, its A-Level results have been improving significantly in recent years. With its well facilitated campus, St Bede’s is becoming one of the leading schools.

Academic Development

Bede’s Senior School offer over 40 courses at GCSE and almost double that number in the Sixth Form. Some exceptional choices include Media and Film Studies, Modern Foreign Languages, Food and Nutrition and Physical Education. Other than GCSE and A-Level, school also offers BTEC programmes which focus on imparting practical knowledge and skills. The board curriculum ensures every students can find their right choices. BTEC students have assessments over the year so the grade does not only depend on one fil exam. They have achieved excellent result in Dance, Music and Performing art.

The school see academic tracking as peerless opportunity to congratulate and encourage pupils in their many endeavours. In addition to traditional ‘end of term’ written reports, Bede’s pupils are given an assessment grade every few weeks which measures their effort and attainment, which is made available for parents to see so that they can easily find out their children’s learning progress even living overseas.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

There are five dormitories, three for boys and two for girls. The school works hard to create a family atmosphere by offering team-based activities and house competitions, including Music competition, Chess Competitions and a huge number of sporting events such as House Football, House Hockey and the infamous House Cross Country. At the end of the year, the points earned by each House is totalled and the overall winner of the House Cup is announced on Prize Giving Day – the last day of the Academic year which is looked forward by many boarders.

Extracurricular & personal development

Bede’s offers over 20 different sporting activities across the academic year, all supported by Strength and Conditioning provision. In order to provide better training for talented students, the school also provide Emerging Talent Programme, a one-of-a-kind elite sports development programme founded in the Spring Term of 2014. ETP candidates are only selected if they are set for a career playing professionally or qualifying for the Olympics. In Tennis, for example, ETP athletes have achieved top level national Rankings or ITF World Junior Ranking in their own age group. Bede’s has a diverse extracurricular programme. Apart from sports, the school also provides various activities including music, drama, visual art, design, games and community services, so that student can develop different talents.


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