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Loretto School

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Basic Information & Location

Founded in 1827, Loretto is Scotland’s first boarding school, and one of Britain’s leading independent schools. It provides an all-round education for around 600 girls and boys up to the age of 18. Loretto is set in 85 acres of safe, leafy campus on the just outside Edinburgh, and its international airport. It enjoys all the advantages of its rural setting while being globally connected.


School Motto

A small school, big on heart, big on ambition


Academic Development

In today’s competitive world, academic achievement is fundamentally important. Loretto is one of the UK’s leading independent schools, with outstanding results at GSCE and A-Level. More than nine pupils out of 10 achieve places at their chosen university, including Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Newcastle, and Durham. Many enter American universities – Loretto being a SAT Test Centre. The school believes the Loretto ethos gives its leavers an edge when stepping into the workplace, and enables them to enter a wide range of professions from law and finance to medicine and veterinary science.

At Loretto, all pupils, whatever their particular strengths, are helped to achieve their full academic potential. Teaching centres on the individual and results indicate that pupils frequently exceed expectations. Teachers at Loretto are passionate about their subjects, and are ambitious for their pupils to succeed. The core curriculum is supported by a wide range of academic and cultural activities, including lectures, debates and exhibitions. Academic Societies and Clubs stimulate interest and help to develop a true love of learning.

Loretto also adopts a personal approach to tutoring. Pupils are supported throughout their educational journey, and tutors take a keen interest in each child’s aspirations, achievements and progress. Sixth Formers are offered advice and support to make the transition to A-level, select the right university and career. In addition to a personal tutor, Sixth Formers benefit from a dedicated Centre, where they can study independently – a vital preparation for university.


Pastoral Care & Boarding 

The first thing students notice when they enter the campus is the warmth, energy and positivity, of both pupils and staff. The relationships between them are marked by kindness, care and respect. At Loretto, pupils become an integral part of its family, where they are given outstanding opportunities to grow and prepare for a fulfilling life.

Being a small school, with a superb staff to pupil ratio (1:7), enables the staff to know every child, unveil and nurture their talent. Loretto’s extensive programme is designed to cater to every child’s interests, and Loretto’s full week schedule of lessons and activities ensure every pupil has a full and purposeful school life.

At Loretto, Boarding Houses are the centre of the pupils’ daily lives – the community to which they belong. Allocated to one of the six family-sized, pupils find a place they can call home, where they can relax, socialise and study under the experienced supervision of resident pastoral teams. The Housemistresses and Housemasters are crucial figures, giving sound advice when necessary and encouraging pupils to build a rich and varied life at Loretto. Each pupil is also part of a small tutor group, meeting on a daily basis. The Tutor keeps in regular contact with parents and guardians regarding academic and pastoral life.


Extra-curricular & Personal Development

Loretto aims to know and nurture every child in order to develop their confidence and character. The school’s emphasis on the whole person sets it apart. By helping girls and boys to excel in mind, body and spirit, the school aims to help them unlock and realise their full potential. The School provides comprehensive Sport and Arts programmes, and boasts extensive on-campus facilities, bespoke to sport, golf, drama, dance, art and music. At Loretto, the educational journey extends beyond the campus. Its rural setting, and Scotland’s great wilderness, offer young people the opportunity to take part in many adventurous outdoor activities. Whilst truly Scottish, Loretto is diverse, welcoming pupils of 25 different nationalities. This expands pupils’ cultural horizons and inspires them to harness the opportunities of the globalised world.


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School fee

Year 7 - 8

(Y7) £24060 / (Y8) £36946

Year 9


Year 10 - 11


Year 12 - 13



2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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