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Basic Information & Location

Scarborough College, which now specialises in boarding for students aged 11-18, was founded in 1896.  Overlooking the South Bay of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, the School is nestled within an attractive 14 acre site which enables boys and girls to thrive on a personal and academic level.

School Motto

The entire design of the Scarborough College experience is driven by the school’s desire to ensure the changing needs of each and every child are met as they progress and grow.  The extraordinarily strong relations that exist between staff and pupils, and between the pupils themselves at the College are the very bedrock of the remarkable successes the pupils enjoy across all the many facets of school life.

Academic Matters

The school has always had a strong reputation for offering a broad and stimulating education. Being a champion of innovation, it was one of the first schools in North Yorkshire to introduce the International Baccalaureate (IB), which is a two-year course to prepare sixth-form students for university and life after school. Scarborough College is currently the top-performing IB school in the North East of England. The traditional subjects of English, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages are at the heart of the school’s operations. International students can also receive extra English language tuition, where necessary.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Scarborough College places high value on pastoral care and support for every child. From day one until the last day of school, students receive individual support and care to ensure they show perform as best as they possibly can. A special educational needs coordinator is at hand for children who find aspects of learning more challenging.


Pupils are encouraged to develop a broad range of interests through the Enrichment programme (EP). Sport, music, drama and other activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award can all be pursued. There is a programme of overseas visits, ski trips, outings and events organised every year. Cultural activities such as film club and chess are also available.


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