Our Team

Samual Chan
Managing Director
I first went to the UK at the age of nine. After I completed my postgraduate studies, I was appointed by several international schools in China as a consultant. With the passage of time, I came to realise that the Hong Kong agency market was too much of an oligopoly where few major players were dominating the market. Agencies tended to employ staff who knew very little about the schools they were recommending, and merely considered numbers without due regard for an applicant’s personality and preferences. Britannia was founded to provide an unbiased and informative school selection platform for Hong Kong families. Our oversea education consultants team visit schools ourselves and our overseas study consultants are delighted to assist you in exploring the worthwhile option of quality schooling for your children overseas.
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Laurie Ching, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Mabel Chan

General Manager

Carson Tsang

Principal Consultant

Emily Wong

Centre Manager, Education Consultant

Benn Smith

Head of Consultancy (Day, State and Grammar)

Anthony Fung


Martin Sit

Assistant Manager

Clarice Chan

Assistant Manager

Wing Li

Senior Education Consultant

Janice Poon

Education Consultant (State and Grammar school)

Churen Chow

Education Consultant

Carol Chiu

Education Consultant