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話說香港人傳統的「發三師」,是醫師、律師、會計師,工程師並不佔一席位。然而隨著工程師的地位和專業資格越來越受社會器重,收入亦水漲船高。不少人都覺得三師早應要加入工程師改為四師,而在談論到神科時,自然不得不談Engineering。 一個合資...

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The Ballroom, 3/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers
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不論出國留學與否,商科向來是香港學生的熱門選擇,皆因不論中學時主修文科、理科或商科,均能符合入學要求。今次介紹的Nottingham University Business School(NUBS)是英國頂尖名校諾定咸大學(University of Nottingham)的商學院,只要求英國會考數學科達到B級,或DSE數學科必修部分成績達到4級,適合沒有修讀數學延伸部分(M1或M2)的香港學生。




NUBS的碩士課程同樣有口碑,校方更為碩士生提供頗為吸引的獎學金,其中Merit-based Scholarship最低要求是undergraduate degree的GPA達到3.3,便有機會獲得全額資助。至於該校學士畢業生,則可享受Alumni-based Scholarship,再讀碩士可獲學費減半。

該校商學院有多達17個碩士課程選擇,要留意MSc Banking and Finance和MSc Marketing兩科將於英國時間3月2日至15日重新接受申請。有意報讀的朋友最好盡早出擊,如報讀人數多,校方有機會提早「截龍」。MSc Business Analytics則在3月2日至31日展開最後一輪招生。

【The Standard】How university foundation courses are threatening British schools

An interesting development that has taken place over the last few years in the UK is the rise in popularity of the university foundation course.

These courses used to be just a useful way for international students to get themselves up to speed and to prepare for university studies in Britain.

However, now they have become so popular that they are actually starting to rival sixth form colleges and independent schools.

The shift is in large part due to changes in the entry policies of foundation courses.

In the past, students had to have completed their advanced education before they could be accepted into any foundation course.

Increasingly though, today, foundation courses will accept pupils in the middle of A-Levels or even as low as having only just done GCSEs.

Overall, the scene is becoming much more commercially driven. This means that, when it comes to attracting international students, independent schools are no longer just competing with each other - they are now competing with foundation courses as well.

Here in Hong Kong, it's easy to see the appeal of these courses to parents and students.

When families opt for a British education, they typically have their sights set on the end goal of a university degree.

Whether this is a qualification for a classic profession, such as law or medicine, or a more general degree that gives the graduate wider career options, the priority is to get into the best university possible.

A foundation course offers a shortcut to this goal. Instead of studying hard at a school and then going through a competitive application process to try and gain entry to a university, you could work just as hard on a foundation course and, assuming you pass your exams, have entry to a degree program at a good university guaranteed.

A couple of months ago when I visited the UK, I saw just how good many of these foundation courses really are. It came home to me how much of a threat they present to schools.

A good example would be the offering by Durham University - which is absolutely phenomenal.

The university has its own sports hall, a purpose-built campus and top-notch accommodation.

All these are given an additional boost by the strength of the brand - Durham University is one of the best universities in the UK, and has an excellent reputation and centuries of history behind it.

Compare all of that to what is now an equivalent offering from a small independent school.

However good a school may be and however good the results it achieves, if it is not famous abroad and is not a familiar name to prospective international students, it will struggle.

Having said this, there are three points that are important to bear in mind with foundation courses.

One is that they often will not provide anywhere near the same level of pastoral care as a school.

The second is that they will rarely offer the same level of cultural diversity within the student population as schools, purely because there are so many Asian pupils attending them. (However, some do argue, at the age of 16 to 18, both of these factors are less important than they are at the age of 11 to 15.)

The final point is that not all foundation courses are excellent. In fact, there is a great range in the quality of the facilities and overall packages that they provide.

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Kandace Ying

2018/03/29 - 00:00

Ruthin School, located in a small town of Ruthin, far away from the city distraction, leading me to concentrate in academic. Frankly, I spend most of the time in studying, and prepare myself in every Saturday test. It is demanding especially not being the smartest student at school, meaning that I need to spend more of my leisure time I used to have to study. On the other hand, I have met a lot of friends and schoolmates and they are mostly come from the Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and most of them from China, which is also the largest proportion of students in the school community. During the weekends, I habitually go to Tesco after Saturday test and then eat dinner with friends in common room or in town. Most of the time, I visit the Chinese restaurants either getting takeaway or dine in. On Sundays, school usually organises school trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. During half term, in the order of safety, we are not allowed to stay outside school unless we are staying in with our parents or guardians. Furthermore, we are not allowed to have relationships with opposite sex in the matter of negative influence in academic. Drinking alcohol in school is prohibited and student who is being caught in disobeying school rules will be expelled unless the principal is being generous and suspend student for week(s). Indeed, trying to break the school rules bring a huge consequences and at the mean time to ensure students obeying the school rules. To sum up, my overall experience in Ruthin School is pleasant and hope striving my best in A levels.

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