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West Buckland School

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Basic Information & Location

West Buckland School is located in North Devon area, Britain. This is a boarding school for 11-19 years old boys and girls. This school does not have a very long history, and the teachers and staff are relatively young. About 18% of the current 600 students are international students.

In the me of 150th anniversary, West Buckland School started a series of expansion and renovation projects, including IT center, art center and theater and other facilities. In September 2015, school has also established a new Sixth Form boarding house, learning center and a sports stadium. West Buckland School is now the one of the most well-equipped schools in the southwest of the UK.

Academic Development

West Buckland School implements small-class teaching model, in order to make sure each student can get sufficient attention. The proportion of teachers and students will be adjusted according to the needs of the curriculum. In general, one teacher is responsible for 10 to 24 students. In addition to offering flexible timetable for GCSE and A-Level exams, school still encourages students to develop their interests without influencing their academic performance. In 2017 A-Level, nearly 70% graduates received A*-B, and 40% of graduates received outstanding A*-A grade. Many students enter Britain’s top universities every year, such as University College London, Warwick, Bath, Lancaster, Queen, Mary, Durham, Bristol, Imperial College, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

In addition to significant numbers of UK students, West Buckland regularly welcomes pupils from Chi, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and other eastern European countries, Brazil, Germany, France and Spain. The boarding experience at West Buckland is a great experience. The boarding community is strong and close knit. Team of houseparents create a warm, homely environment in the boarding houses where everyone is welcomed and accepted.

Extracurricular & personal development

Sports and outdoor activities are essential parts of campus life, Edinburgh Award Scheme, Ten Tors and Captain Coastal Force are popular among pupils. Running competitions are held every year to encourage students to enhance physical fitness. In addition, school also arranges various exchange programs and joint-school activities for students so as to broaden their horizons. In the field of art, school invites famous artists to give talks and workshops, so that students can get more inspiration.


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