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Wells Cathedral School

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Basic Information & Location

Wells Cathedral School is a top school which has more than 1000 years of history School provides education for boys and girls at the age of 8-18. The school is located in the pretty Somerset area in the southwest of the UK. It only takes around half an hour drive to the Bristol International Airport. Among some 770 students, international students account for one-third, which is proportionally high comparing to other UK schools. The music education in Wells Cathedral outstands in the world, the music training offered are extremely professional. It is one of the five music boarding schools in UK and it organises concert every week for students to show their talents. The patrons of school include British Prince Charles, famous composer Richard Jacques and so on. In order to support young musicians from Hong Kong, Wells Cathedral establishes The Wells Music Society of Hong Kong. The classical musicians have been invited as directors, such as Yip Wing-sie, to jointly promote the exchange of music and culture between two countries.

Academic Development

The proportion of teachers to students is high in Wells Cathedral. There are a total of 354 teachers and staff to take care of around 770 students. Every August, there is a two-week freshman camp to help international students adapt to the new environment. The one-year GCSE program is also designed to help international students to fit in new learning mode and get well-prepared before A-Level. Wells Cathedral School also sets up many scholarship programs for bright students. Most of the graduates can continue their studies in British universities. About 10% of them receive offers from Oxford and Cambridge every year. In 2017, there were about 76% of the graduates received A*-B in A-Level, and 54% of them received excellent results of A*-A in GCSE. Among all subjects, Wells Cathedral School is particularly good at Mathematics.​ In sight of this, school awards up to 10% of tuition fees to pupils with truly exceptional mathematical ability and potential. In addition to any financial award, successful candidates make the most of their natural ability through the enriching Specialist Mathematics Programme.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

For accommodation, most of the boarding houses are close to the campus and was surrounded by gardens. As environment is way more pretty and comfortable than a school should be, It is med one of the ten most beautiful schools in the UK. House Master are always there to take good care of students’ daily lives and there are doctors and nurses to look after the health of the students. Networks are available in boarding houses and students are allowed to use laptop and private phones to keep contact with families and friends within specified hours. After-school and weekend activities are the highlights, students can participate in various academic activities, or students can go for movie, drama, concert or go shopping in town.

Extracurricular & personal development

In addition to academic achievements, Wells Cathedral School also sheds light on the importance of all-round development. The music department, Wells Music Academy is one of the four key music schools in the UK. It offers all kind of music training such as ​brass, composition, choristers, jazz, keyboard, percussion, string, vocals and woodwind etc. The​ school will invite world-class musicians to guide and teach potential students on regular basis, and students will have opportunities to perform around the world every year. On the other hand, school has closed relations with Wells Cathedral that school choir perform in church every week. Moreover, the school choir of first-class often participates in different performances, TV shows and CD recording, and will perform regularly in world tour. Wells Cathedral School Choir once performed at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong City Hall.


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