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Vinehall School

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Basic Information & Location

Vinehall School is situated on 47 acres of lovely countryside between East Sussex and Kent. Since 1938, the School has built a long tradition of academics, music, drama, art and sport. A wide range of modern facilities are combined with curricular and extracurricular activities to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for pupils. Vinehall is easily accessible from Heathrow, Gatwick and the Channel Tunnel.


School Motto

Vinehall fosters a positive attitude to life, encouraging a ‘have-a-go’ attitude. The school wants the children to be happy, to develop a sense of self; to contribute to their community and also the wider world. People are the most important factor in a child’s education and Vinehall’s teachers and support staff work together to try to ensure the best possible provision for every child.


Academic Matters

Vinehall provides excellent preparation for Common Entrance and local grammar school entrance, as well as school and scholarship entrance to a wide range of excellent senior schools such as King’s Canterbury, Millfield, St Leords-Mayfield, Sevenoaks, Benenden, Charterhouse, Cranbrook, Eastbourne College, Eton, Tonbridge and Winchester. Instruction is based on the tiol Curriculum but goes well beyond the basics. Starting in Year 3, the pioneering ‘Learning Journey’ curriculum helps to spark intellectual curiosity among young learners.


Boarding / Pastoral Care

Much emphasis is placed on boarding and most pupils come from Sussex, Kent and London. Options are available for both full and weekly boarding as well as our Junior Boarding 4 nights a week during Years 3-6. Engaging weekend activities are planned along with regular exeat weekends. Vinehall prides itself on excellent pastoral care that nurtures all aspects of our pupils’ development, whether it is cultural, spiritual, social or moral. Pupils flourish in a kind and warm atmosphere built on caring, close relationships.



Games and the arts are an important part of pupils’ schedules at Vinehall. Each pupil has the chance participate in all major team sports. They can also take part in the rich cultural programme at our art, music and drama departments. Shows and exhibitions are held regularly both at School and off-campus. Pupils can also develop their skills at carpentry and wood-turning.


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