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Trent College

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Basic Information & Location

Trent College was founded over 150 years ago, but as lively HMC HMC co-educational, independent day and boarding school, it is fully focused on demands the modern world places on young adults. Located on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, Trent is easily reached via the M1, East Midlands Airport and mainline stations.

School Motto

The College’s vision is to have an exceptional reputation for providing a first-class all-round education for boys and girls which ensures the best-possible start for their future and enables them to be the best they can be.

Academic Matters

The College bases its school life on creative and energetic innovation. Pastoral care at the College focuses on the individual within a warm and open community. This is augmented by small tutor groups that allow personalized attention.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

For those pupils who chose to live on site, Trent has four boarding houses supervised by caring and experienced staff who make it their priority to get to know each child as a unique individual with his or her own unique needs. Trent provides many activities outside of the classroom, especially at weekends, designed to give students a sense of being among family. The School’s aim is to create a family-like atmosphere that encourages not just independence, but friendship as well.


Although academics are a top priority at Trent, the School takes a holistic approach to education. It develops children’s intellect, creativity, athletic skills and emotional well-being through a variety of activities ranging from outdoor activities, sport, music and the arts, leadership and Combined Cadet Force (CCF), just to me a few.


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2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

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