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The Maynard School

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Basic Information & Location

Set in a leafy area of central Exeter in Devon, we are the leading independent day school for girls aged 4 -18 in the South West. Steeped in a rich history dating back to 1658, The Maynard today is so much more than a top academic school. Over the years we have built an outstanding reputation for excellence in the Arts, Music and Sport whilst our pastoral care is widely regarded as second to none.

The Maynard school where happy girls carve for themselves successful futures, create everlasting friendships and enduring childhood memories.

School Motto

Girls at GSA schools are more likely to study ‘difficult’ subjects such as Sciences, Maths and Languages. They are*:

  • 2.5 times as likely to take Further Maths and Physics at A-level
  • 40% more likely to take up Biology
  • 77% more likely to take up Chemistry
  • 72% more likely to take up Computer Science
  • Twice as likely as other girls to take French or Spanish at A-level.

Academic Development

School is an academically selective school and our students achieve outstanding public examination results year-on-year. League tables consistently place us as one of the highest performing schools in the South West: In 2018 the school was rated as the top school in Devon and 45th nationally in key areas of the Department for Education’s Performance tables (based on A-level results for 2017).

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Pastoral system is designed to provide a caring and closely monitored environment to ensure that every girl’s school days are happy, secure and successful and that she feels safe and fully supported.

Creating an environment where each individual has their own niche, where everyone feels valued and where all members of the school community can thrive is at the heart of the Maynard School ethos. An emphasis is placed on developing strong bonds between the class groups and across the whole school, with pupils expected to set an example that reflects the principles of compassion, cooperation, personal responsibility and helpfulness.

Extra-curricular & Personal Development

School has his own impressive Sports Hall, Performing Arts Centre, Drama Studio, an array of music rooms, a bespoke Health & Fitness suite and the netball/hockey/tennis courts, also have extensive use of state-of-the-art hockey pitches, a choice of swimming pools, the Exeter Arena (the athletics training ground of Olympic runner, Jo Pavey) as well as access to superb watersports facilities on Exeter Quay and numerous performing arts venues scattered across the city.


Mabel Lucy

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