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Strathallan School

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Basic Information & Location

Founded a century ago, Strathallan School is an independent boarding and day school in Scotland for boys and girls aged 9–18. The school is a few miles south of the city of Perth. In terms of location, pupils are afforded a wealth of luxuries. These include a glorious countryside setting with a 150-acre campus; a safe and secure environment for children to prosper and develop and a swift 40 minutes’ drive from the nearest international airport.

School Motto

Strathallan aims to provide outstanding education, academic, social and extracurricular elements, which give opportunities for all pupils to excel, developing their ability to benefit themselves and others.

Academic Matters

Each pupil receives support from an academic tutor and there is also an extensive careers programme to help with opportunities beyond school. Strathallan achieves excellent results by tailoring work to individual needs with an average staff/pupil ratio of 1:7.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Most of the School’s teaching staff and their families live on campus, creating a real home-from-home vibe. Located within its own campus, the Junior House also has access to the facilities of the main School. Senior Houses contain individual study-bedrooms for privacy, as well as common room and leisure facilities for winding down and spending time with friends.


What is unique about Strathallan is that it offers not just a depth, but also a wide range of provision. Pupils generally do very well in their chosen pursuits, with many achieving national honours. One of the major advantages of a boarding school is the opportunity for pupils to work with others in their leisure time to benefit from a range of societies and clubs.  Activities time is available after tea, in the evenings, and for some activities and some age groups, after prep also.



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2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

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