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Stamford School

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Prep, Senior, and Sixth Form

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Stamford School Overview

Stamford School, founded in 1532,  is located in the East Midlands of England and is well connected by rail with direct train services to Cambridge, Stansted Airport, Leicester, and Birmingham. The city of Peterborough (which offers a 45-minute rail service to London Kings Cross) is just 12 minutes away by train or 20 minutes by car.

Summary Of School

Table of Contents

Stamford School Motto

Christ Me Spede

Stamford School ⁠Academic Results

A Level
  • A*-A: 29.4%
  • A*-B: 60.5%
  • 9-7: 35.6%
  • 9-6: 55.8%

Stamford School ⁠Extracurricular

Stamford School ​​offers a wide co-curricular programme that gives students a better chance of finding activities they love and enables them to develop new skills.

Clubs and activities include multiple sports, drama, music, debating, pottery, psychology, languages, Duke of Edinburgh, CCF, house competitions, charity events and much more.

Educational trips and expeditions are also available to places such as Costa Rica, Russia, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, and India.

Stamford School Boarding

Boarding is offered from Year 3 to 13. The boarding community is relatively small, with seven boarding properties overall. Boarding houses are age-appropriate and single-sex to ensure privacy is respected and the right community atmosphere is created for our pupils.

The school’s boarding community currently has boarders from 10 different countries.

There are seven boarding houses in total. Five of our Houses are for Senior Boarders in Years 7 – 11. Sixth Form students are accommodated in Boarding Houses that accommodate a mix of Years from 11, 12 and 13.

All new boarders are allocated a current boarder to be their ‘buddy’. This buddy system helps new boarders during their first few weeks. It enables students to be able to learn and understand exactly what school and boarding life at Stamford entails and is a great way to begin to make friends.

Boarders enjoy a rich social life in after-school clubs, sports, fun-packed weekend trips and activities tailored to their age group.

Boarding Houseparents canvas the students’ interests when planning weekend activities. Students often enjoy fun outings to nearby adventures such as escape rooms, laser tag, the theatre, or dinner at a local restaurant.

Stamford School Pastoral Care

The health and well-being of all students are paramount to our daily lives at Stamford School. The school has different support teams that students can contact if they have any concerns or issues. On Saturdays, there are First Aid (on-site) to cover on Saturdays. 3 Full-time counsellors that rotate every day, and five medical centres with six nurses.

Form Tutors develop good relationships with each member of their set and are quickly able to identify problems.

Stamford School Fees

Year 1 - Year 6

Full Boarding
£ 28,600

Year 7 - Year 11

Full Boarding
£ 38,475

Year 12 - Year 13

Full Boarding
£ 38,475

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School fee

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Year 7 - 8


Year 9


Year 10 - 11


Year 12 - 13



2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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