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St Margaret’s School

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Basic Information & Location

St Margaret’s School is a co-educational independent day and boarding school in Hertfordshire. We have a reputation for supporting pupil wellbeing, whilst bringing on academic talent and progress. With over 60 acres of beautiful grounds, with a historic boarding house, we are a through school offering education from 2 to 18.


Academic Development

St Margaret’s School aim is to provide an all-round education which is both challenging and flexible. 

For Year 10 to 11, pupils take their GCSEs and are encouraged to choose varied subjects to maintain the breadth which is a mark of their earlier education. 

For Year 12 to 13, over a two year period, Sixth Form students become independent, curious and aspirational, developing in-depth passions and interests. At St Margaret’s Sixth Form, students mature into adults with a set of values, practical skills and the confidence that will stand them in good stead for life. 

Our induction programme is well known for its thorough introduction to A-Level study skills, Sixth Form life and making friends for life. Added extras such as timetabled university preparation lessons, a weekly lecture programme, Extended Project Qualification, critical thinking sessions and enrichment activities are all designed to enhance community, leadership and a sense of individual purpose. Typically our students gain access to the most competitive institutions, graduate schemes and entry level jobs in the world.


Pastoral Care & Boarding  

We are among one of the oldest boarding schools in the United Kingdom. We take great pride in this fact as it not only demonstrates our wealth of experience, but also our success in ensuring pupils are well looked after and above all, happy at St Margaret’s. 

We welcome pupils into our boarding house, which is situated within the main school building from Year 7 onwards. The St Margaret’s boarding experience is like no other. It is full of activities, lively and fun, however, we ensure school work is priority. A lovely community set amongst a 60 acre rural background and only 20 minutes from central London.


Extra-curricular & personal development

The senior school is currently building a new music centre, which along with our well equipped performing arts studio and performance space in the main hall, ensure our pupils can enjoy the arts throughout the curriculum. Sports are a key part of life at St Margaret’s: our dance studio, all-weather pitches, sports centre and large grounds ensure pupils can enjoy a wide range of sports and activities.


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