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St George’s Ascot

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Basic Information & Location

St George’s, based in Ascotis, is an independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18 years, approximately 40 minutes from Central London and 12 miles from Heathrow Airport. The school is situated very close to Windsor Great Park and surrounded by many stables where girls enjoy riding outside of school. There are around 35 girls in each of the first two years who are divided into three tutor groups as the school aims to keep class sizes deliberately small so that every girl is individually known. Most girls join the school in Year 7 however an additional class is added at Year 9 with girls joining from 13+ prep schools, at Sixth Form and increasingly into Years 8 and 10.


School Motto

Vincent Qui Se Vincent: “They will conquer who overcome themselves.”


Academic Development

St George’s Ascot offers a broad and stimulating all-round education that is modern, dynamic and exciting. Pupils are supported and encouraged within an environment of diverse academic and cultural enrichment.

Whilst there is an academically challenging and balanced core syllabus for each year group, it is always tailored to meet individual needs. Class sizes are small, enabling the teachers to stretch the very brightest and support those who require it, to achieve the optimum results. Expectations are high, but the girls are nurtured and encouraged to do their best.


Pastoral Care & Boarding  

St George’s is renowned for its excellence in pastoral care and being happy and feeling safe and secure with opportunities to flourish is of paramount importance to any pupil. The school is fortute here at St George’s in that it has a highly qualified, caring team of staff who are trained in supporting young people to talk through their concerns and seek advice and who are excellent at advising the girls and providing sensible, proactive solutions. The school has very clear internal processes in place if its girls need support and its staff attend a rolling programme of Safeguarding updates and training on a regular basis.

Many girls at St George’s board – about half of the school – and many of these pupils will full board as there is a full programme of sport and activities which takes place at the weekend. Currently it has students from Russia, Spain, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, Chi and UAE amongst others. It is also very important for the school’s British boarders to mix with girls from other countries and to learn from them. With ease of travel, mixing of cultures and international working patterns there is no doubt that university life is truly international these days, and having friends from a wide variety of countries helps form global networks that will be of tremendous use to all the school’s students in their working lives.


Extra-curricular & personal development

The school believes that school does not end with the last lesson of the day and that enrichment out of the classroom is a very powerful complement to its curriculum. In addition to the regular clubs, academic clinics and educational trips on offer to the girls, St George’s offers a wealth of opportunities to broaden the girls’ cultural horizons.

Every girl will perform in a House play or competition, take part in public speaking, compete for a team at school and raise money for charity. Girls will also experience formal dinners and events with staff, parents and pupils from other schools.  These are rites of passage that young women cannot experience in a classroom, but are so important to the development of their character. The school values its links with other schools, including boys’ schools, and the local community. It regularly arranges academic, charitable and social activities for its girls.


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