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Sherborne Girls

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Basic Information & Location

Sherborne Girls is an independent boarding school for girls located in Sherborne, South West England. Full boarding girls’ school is rare and Sherborne Girls is a top-norch one. The school is approximately two hours from London by road or rail. The school opened in 1899 at Ransome House in Sherborne with just 14 pupils and moved to its current site in 1903. In 2017, the Independent Schools Inspectorate rated the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements, as well as the quality of their personal development to be excellent, the highest grading that can be awarded. As a girls boarding school, Sherborne Girls is better than Roedean School. The school site is not an old-fashioned castle but a more modern one. Moreover, the school enjoys close linkage with Sherborne School. They will organize exchange activities on IB, joint school performance and academic clubs together. Sherborne Choral Society and Sherborne School Symphony Orchestra are run jointly with the boys’ school, Sherborne School. The two schools also share musical theatrical productions. It is a heartwarming school with caring teachers. One of the old girls has shared with us that her teacher knew about her interest in making hand craft, then the teacher went to the market with her and sold her hand craft works together.

Academic Development

Sherborne Girls aims to be the leading full boarding girls’ school for all-round personal development and academic fulfilment, and to create a community of empowered learners who will be an influence for good in a challenging world. Their academic results fluctuate sometimes but the academic performance of the girls is outstanding overall. In 2017, 100% of IB students passed with 12% scoring an outstanding 42 points or more; 74% of A-Level grades are A*-B and 89* of GCSE grades are A*-B. Many of their leavers continue to pursue knowledge in top universities including Oxbridge and Russell Group University. Current students, as well as those who have left the school, are fully supported by the higher education department and careers department. A variety of activities are on offer to give the girls a head-start in their decision-making process, including a university open day visit and a higher education day with persol statement workshop, as well as a talk from a university admissions tutor. They also offer a Careers Networking Service through the Old Girls Office; former students are regularly in touch to offer advice, training, work placements or job opportunities.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Sherborne Girls is organised around a traditional boarding house system of seven houses each accommodates between 45 and 80 girls. Each house is run by teaching house parents, supported by a house team comprising a day matron, resident tutor, and two non-resident tutors. Each house has a team of academic tutors, drawn from the teaching staff. The tutor will have to know the girl and encouraging her interests, monitoring her academic progress, advising on study skills, time management, career and higher education aspirations, and helping her in making choices. The health centre is staffed permanently during term-time by a team of qualified nurses and the school medical officer. Surgeries are held every weekday morning from 8am, but a doctor can be contacted at all times. If girls wish to see a female doctor, arrangements can be easily made with a local surgery.

Extracurricular & personal development

The school provides a wide range of high quality co-curricular activities. The school offers students elite-level opportunities and open participation on music, sport, drama and art, for those who don’t consider themselves experts but would like to join in. All younger girls are in sports teams and older girls have opportunities to spend timetabled games times participating in a whole host of engaging physical and fitness activities. The Oxley Sports Center is well equipped with facilities such as courts and swimming pool. They take full advantage of their close relations with Sherborne School to enable the girls to share activities and opportunities with the boys. In addition to this, the academic enrichment programme (Mind Matters) introduces the girls to new dimensions and subjects. They have a range of inspirational visiting lecturers and performers, and their academic staff bring their personal interests, skills, and hobbies to school, offering such creative and diverse societies and activities as astronomy, cryptic crossword solving and conservation. Adventure, leadership and volunteering opportunities abound: over half the girls who are old enough are involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.



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2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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A* - B


2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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