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Rishworth School

School Level

Prep, Senior, Sixth Form, and 1 year GCSE Programme and A-Level Programme

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GCSE, A-Level, and BTEC





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Rishworth School Overview

Rishworth School is a co-educational school with a mix of day pupils, weekly boarders, and full boarders set in 140 acres of Yorkshire countryside in the village of Rishworth, half an hour from the city lights of Manchester. Rishworth has a long history, dating back to 1724, when it was established in the building that is now the school’s private Chapel, maintaining the important link with its earliest history.

Summary Of School

Table of Contents

Rishworth School Motto

Res non-Verba (Deeds, not Words) exemplifies Yorkshire’s no-nonsense approach to decision-making and actions.

Rishworth School Courses & Programmes

Senior School

All pupils take the same subjects largely in mixed-ability tutor groups, although the setting will take place in Mathematics during the year.

From Year 8 onwards, pupils will study French or Spanish. Mathematics and English will be taught in ability sets, which will also be the case in Science from Year 9.

Students in all years are assessed regularly in class, with more formal school examinations taking place in the summer term.


Designed to foster a love of learning and develop the academic skills students need through full immersion in a UK boarding school.

Sixth Form – has small class sizes (8 on average)

There are 21 subjects to choose from, which enables students to select a programme that reflects their strengths and passions and take that important next step on their journey towards their future career goals.

Rishworth School ⁠Academic Results

A Level
  • A*-A: 50%
  • A*-B: 71%
  • 9-7: 25%
  • 9-4: 90%

Rishworth School ⁠Extracurricular

There is a diverse selection of over 90 enrichment activities, including Arts, Music, Drama, and Sports. These enrichment activities are available weekly. From their renowned Ford Rugby Academy to the Origami Club, there’s something to stimulate, entertain, and light up students’ creativity.

Besides enrichment activities, students can opt into additional studies as an extension of their subjects, such as Duke of Edinburgh, Medical Society, and Mathletics which are available weekly

Even on a Sunday, there are activities and trips to enjoy and time for some important rest and relaxation. This includes:

  • Shopping Trip to Leeds
  • Ceramics Workshop
  • Shopping Trip to Manchester
  • Jewellery Workshop
  • Visit to Cheshire Oakes
  • Trip to the Trafford Centre
  • Brick Laying Day Staff lead
  • Chinese Restaurant Visit
  • Halloween Party
  • Junction 32 Shopping and Laser Quest
  • Paintballing
  • Afternoon Tea with the Head Teacher
  • Trip to theatre
  • Trip to Blackpool

⁠Rishworth School Boarding

Most boarding students and seniors are accommodated in single or double-occupancy rooms. Prep school pupils may share a large study bedroom with another boarder. 

Boarders enjoy various and exciting events throughout the week, including weekends. Extended school days during the week and a full day of school on Saturdays mean that boarders enjoy a structured timetable of activities throughout the week and are never left on their own.

⁠Rishworth School Pastoral Care

Rishworth highly values students’ personal development, health, and well-being-the pastoral care programme at Rishworth School centres around the Form Tutor. The Form tutor is a teacher who will be crucial in every student’s day-to-day care and support throughout their time at school. Form Tutors have daily contact with students and are the first point of contact for parents/carers. There is an experienced team of designated Child Protection staff. All staff are trained in child protection procedures to safeguard all students.

⁠Rishworth School Fees

School fees include tuition, materials, educational visits (but not residential courses), sports and educational travel, swimming lessons, and most clubs and societies. For boarding students, some trips and excursions are included in the termly boarding fee, and others are offered at a subsidised cost. All compulsory boarding trips are included.

Year 7 - Year 8

Full Boarding
£ 31,800

Year 9 - Year 13

Full Boarding
£ 34,200

⁠Rishworth School Contact Information


School fee

Year 7 - 8


Year 9


Year 10 - 11


Year 12 - 13



2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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