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Richard Huish College

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Basic Information & Location

Richard Huish College is a public sixth form college situated in Taunton, which is easily accessible with only 90-minute distance away from London and its proximity to the universities in Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff. Richard Huish College’s academic results are outstanding, and it is rated as one of the fifteen highest performing public sixth form colleges among nearly 100 schools in UK. Arthur C. Clarke, the famous British author whose works include 2001: A Space Odyssey and other science fictions, is an alumnus of Richard Huish College.

School Motto

To serve as a bridge to connect the young with universities or jobs, and work hard for their transition period. If students are industrious and ambitious to succeed, then Richard Huish College is there to help them be the best that they can.

Academic Matters

Richard Huish College offers up to 40 A-Level subjects. According to individual interests and abilities, students are also free to choose more practical A-level subjects or the BTEC curriculum, such as Photography, Physical Education, Music, and Graphic Design. Also, the school maintains good connections with schools like University of St Mark & St John (Plymouth). Not only can the students understand the application requirements for universities in the UK, but they can also benefit from getting in touch with the university students.

Moreover, Richard Huish College offers one-year A Level course, which gains more recognition than the foundation course. The results could be used to apply for top-notch universities and competitive subjects like Medicine and Actuarial Science. It is also suitable for students who wish to return to Hong Kong to further their studies. In 2016, three graduates were admitted to the universities in Hong Kong.

The school especially care for international students. The international student office is a clear proof to it. It aims to help students from different places to adapt to the learning and lifestyle in the UK in a short period of time, and unleash their talents to strive for better results.

Boarding/ Pastoral Care
Public sixth form colleges mainly serve UK students, and most of them do not have boarding houses. However, after the completion of extension in 2017, Richard Huish College has become one of the few public sixth form colleges which provide boarding services. The new dorm provides single rooms with private bathrooms. Its location is only two minutes away from the campus on foot. Generally, the school would arrange a host family for the students for their first year to help them adjust to the school life more quickly. Students will then have the freedom to choose to live in dorms or host family in the next year.

The extracurricular activities at Richard Huish College might not be as diverse as in traditional boarding schools, but there is still a wide range of activities and competitions, such as the Olympiads in different subjects. In recent years, the school has invested two million pounds in sports facilities to encourage students to participate in sports activities.


Samuel Chan

This school is suitable for HKDSE graduates. Among the intertiol students who are to study degree programmes in 2015, 31% succeeded in returning to study in the universities in Hong Kong. Richard Huish College is a high ranking public sixth form college, which has secured its top ranking throughout the years with outstanding results. 95% of the students are local, whereas intertiol students only account for 5%, which equals about 55 students, and this provides a good environment for Hong Kong students to learn English. The tuition fee is highly reasoble, which is only half of that of traditiol boarding schools. Eligible Hong Kong civil servants can enjoy a 10% and 5% off for the tuition and accommodation respectively.

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2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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