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Radley College

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Basic Information & Location

Radley College is an international boarding school for boys situated in 800 acres of stunning grounds close to Oxford. There are around 690 students at the school, who come from a range of backgrounds not only from the UK, but from all across the world.

School Motto

A Radley education is about independent thought and learning with enthusiasm. It is about cultural awareness. It is about academic ambition. It is about learning to live with others. It is about preparation for the world beyond its gates. Above all, it is about the core values that will underpin success in all its forms throughout a Radleian’s life: as leaders, as citizens, as human beings.

Academic Matters

Over twenty subjects are on offer, with the college following a traditional route. Special learning support strategies are given to each student, especially those wishing to receive the best advice and help in gaining entry into Cambridge or Oxford universities. The school provides a Shell programme of learning, in which boys are taught among other subjects: art, biology, history, design and technology, theology, physics and music. From this the boys choose subjects for GCSE along with their core subjects. Radley is one of the top academic league schools in the UK, whose reputation for academic brilliance is enhanced by the large amount of students who go on to study at Oxbridge institutions.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

Each boarding house (or Social as they are known at Radley) has a dedicated pastoral team and is characterised by a strong sense of family.  Every effort is made to create a relaxed atmosphere within the Social, where boys can work and relax as they would at home. Boys are looked after by a Social Tutor (housemaster), supported by a resident Sub-Tutor (assistant housemaster) and a Pastoral Housemistress (Matron).  Senior boys are given responsibility, as Prefects and Mentors, in helping with daily routines and settling new boys into the Social.


There are twenty sporting disciplines on offer, with tennis, rugby, rowing and water polo among the many to choose from. Musically there are the many choirs which students can join according to age and seniority, and several classical music programmes, too. There are a wide range of practical music lessons concentrating on the piano, violin and oboe, available for both group and individual classes.


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