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Oundle School Guide: Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

Oundle School is a prestigious co-educational boarding and day school in the UK. The school’s educational philosophy revolves around fostering a genuine passion for learning and encouraging students to be ambitious in seizing opportunities. This is achieved through a carefully crafted balance between a comprehensive curriculum and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

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Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 11-19
  • Pupils: 1102
  • Boarders: 80%
  • Fees: £32,115 – £42,270
  • 2023 A Level Results: 62.9% A*/A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 74% 9-7


Founded 450 years ago, Oundle School is located in a small town of Northamptonshire, about an hour’s drive from London.

Currently, Oundle School accommodates 847 boarding students and 268 day students. Since its establishment, the school has maintained a fully inclusive educational setting, with a consistent gender distribution of 60% male and 40% female students. The average class sizes are approximately eighteen students for GCSEs and twelve for A-Levels.

Oundle School attracts pupils from over 120 schools across the United Kingdom and welcomes students from more than 30 different countries, fostering a diverse and multicultural community. International students make up around twenty percent of the student population, while an additional eight percent consists of expatriates. This global perspective significantly enhances the school community, combining international influences with a quintessentially British boarding education.

The architectural heritage of Oundle School spans centuries, encompassing buildings ranging from the 17th to the 21st century. These buildings are thoughtfully dispersed throughout the vibrant market town of Northamptonshire, which lies at the heart of central England.

Oundle School Courses & Programmes

At Oundle School, all students undertake iGCSE and GCSE examinations during the Fifth Form, which is then followed by an A-Level and Pre-U curriculum in the Sixth Form. The school’s academic programs are organised into the following divisions:
  • Lower Years
  • Fourth and Fifth Form (GCSE)
  • Sixth Form (A-Level and Pre-U)
  • Trivium of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric; Quadrivium of Music, Geometry, Arithmetic and Astronomy

Oundle School Ranking

Oundle School is renowned for its exceptional achievements in various boarding school league tables. In the year 2022, it secured a position among the top UK boarding schools.

In the A-Levels league tables, Oundle School is ranked an impressive 44th out of independent boarding schools in the UK.

According to our GCSE league table, Oundle School holds an admirable 23rd position among boarding schools in the UK for GCSE performance.

Oundle School 2023 A Levels & GCSE Results

Oundle School has a strong track record of excellent performance in major examinations. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2023, the school achieved remarkable results. Among the students who took A Levels, an impressive 63% of all grades obtained were A*/A. Similarly, the GCSE students at Oundle School achieved outstanding outcomes, with 74% of them securing grades 9-7.

Oundle School Fees

The fees at Oundle School encompass boarding fees, tuition fees, as well as year-round access to various facilities such as the Health Centre, Sports Centre, games and entertainment area, library, and lecture halls.

To enroll at Oundle School, fees are required to be paid in advance through Direct Debit prior to the start of each term: Michaelmas, Lent, and Summer. The fees for the upcoming academic year are determined in June of the preceding term.

Year 9-13

Third Form - Sixth Form
£ 45,435
  • Annually

Second Form

Year 8
£ 40,065
  • Annually

First Form

Year 7
£ 34,515
  • Annually

Oundle School Entry Requirements and Application Deadline

To begin the admission process at Oundle School, prospective students must select their desired point of entry. Both boarding and day pupils are welcome to join various year groups, but the requirements differ depending on the chosen year group.

11+ Entry (Boarding and Day)

For this entry point, all applicants are required to take an online Cognitive Abilities Test in November of Year 6. Except for students from Oundle’s Laxton Junior School, the next stage involves entrance examinations in Mathematics, English, and Science, which take place in January of the year of entry. Additionally, all pupils taking entrance examinations at Oundle will undergo an interview, and prospective boarders may be invited to stay overnight.

Places at Oundle School are awarded based on performance in the exams and interview. Academic and Music Scholarships are also granted during this stage of the admission process.

12+ Entry (Boarders Only)

If there is available space, Oundle School offers a limited number of boarding places at 12+ into The Berrystead. Similar to the entrance examinations for 11+ Entry applicants, these assessments are taken in January of the year of entry.

13+ Entry (Boarding and Day)

For students applying for entry at 13+, the assessment process takes place in Year 8, the year prior to joining Oundle School. Boarders join Oundle in the Third Form from various Prep Schools across the UK. They can either take the Common Entrance examinations in June or the Academic Scholarship examination, which is conducted in two stages: preliminary examinations in late January/early February and main examinations in May.


Applicants who are not from a prep school will undergo Oundle’s own entrance examinations (non-common entrance or NCE) in January. The assessment includes examinations in Mathematics, English, Science, and typically a Modern Foreign Language (French/Spanish/German). Additionally, applicants will participate in an informal interview.

Exceptional performers in these assessments may be invited to sit the main Academic Scholarship examination held at Oundle in May. At this level, various scholarships are available, including Academic, Music, Art, Drama, Design Engineering Technology, Sport, and General Scholarships.

A limited quota of day positions is available annually. Prospective students undergo either the Common Entrance, the Academic Scholarship examinations, or Oundle’s proprietary entrance tests, depending on their previous school background.

14+ Admissions (Boarding Only)

Oundle College offers a small number of boarding places each year for students entering at the age of 14. These applicants are assessed through Oundle’s own entry tests (NCE), which are administered either at Oundle or at a British Council Office overseas in January.

16+ Admissions (Boarding and Day)

Oundle College welcomes strong applications for Sixth Form entry, both for boarding and day students. Approximately fifteen percent of Oundle’s Lower Sixth Form intake is comprised of students who join at this stage. The minimum entry requirement is the attainment of Grade 6 in three subjects and Grade 7 in three subjects, or equivalent qualifications at the GCSE level. It is highly advantageous to achieve a Grade 7, 8, or 9 in the subjects that will be pursued in the Sixth Form. In practice, most successful applicants will have attained an 8 or 9, or equivalent, in the majority of their subjects.

Prospective candidates are required to submit their anticipated GCSE grades and a curriculum vitae (CV) in advance. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an assessment weekend at Oundle in November, prior to joining the school in the following September. The assessment weekend provides an opportunity for applicants to fully engage in the boarding life at Oundle. It will include an interview and examinations in either three chosen subjects for Sixth Form study or a general examination and two subject-specific examinations.

Scholarships are available at this level in various disciplines, including academics, music, art, drama, design engineering technology, sport, and general subjects.

Entry for Overseas Applicants

All applicants from overseas follow the same admission process and are required to take the same entrance examinations as applicants from the UK. Oundle requests that applicants who are not taking examinations at Oundle School do so at a British Council Office.

For overseas applicants, Oundle also requests the submission of a UKiset report at the earliest stage of the application process. UKiset is an adaptive cognitive test that assesses underlying abilities and language proficiency. For more information, please refer to our UKiset guide.

Oundle School Reviews

Oundle School Accommodation

Approximately 75% of students at Oundle School are full-time boarders, while the remaining 25% are day students.

Junior day students in the First and Second Forms are housed in Scott House, while junior boarding students reside in The Berrystead. These students, aged eleven to thirteen, share the same campus for studying and socializing before transitioning to the senior Houses.

Senior day students are accommodated in Laxton House, which is centrally located within the school. This historic building, originally part of the Grammar School established by Sir William Laxton, provides residence for 160 day students aged thirteen to eighteen.

Senior boarding students are assigned to Houses led by a Housemaster or Housemistress, along with a Matron responsible for managing domestic matters and student well-being. Each House accommodates approximately 60 students. There are eight Houses designated for boys and five Houses allocated for girls. The types of accommodation vary between Houses, ranging from individual bedsits in the first year to shared small dormitories and separate study spaces. All Sixth Form students have individual bedsits, with Upper Sixth students having their own single bedsits.

Each boarding House offers common recreational areas, a library, a cinema/TV room, and shared kitchens for students’ use.

Oundle School Co-Curricular Activities

Oundle School offers a wide array of over 50 Electives and Societies. These activities are led by teachers from various departments who share their personal interests or expertise outside of the classroom. Some are even organized and supervised by Senior Pupils. Students have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of pursuits, including academics, arts, music, literature, culture, and sports. Oundle School encourages pupils to explore their passions, regardless of whether they intend to pursue them personally or professionally.

The co-curricular activities at Oundle are carefully curated to enhance the overall experiences of the students beyond their academic studies. Initiatives such as global contributions, combined cadet force training, community action, charity and volunteer work, as well as local and international trips, are all available for Oundelians to engage in. These activities serve to broaden their horizons, foster a sense of global citizenship, and instill a spirit of service and community engagement.

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Considering its reputation, Oundle School may not catch up to Eton, Wycombe Abbey and else top elite schools. However, Oundle’s academic performance is among the best in the United Kingdom. As a traditiol top boarding school, Oundle pays huge attentions to student’s holistic development, by providing them diversified extra-curricular activities. In addition, Oundle still implements the House Dining System, which is rarely remaining among uk boarding schools. It is also one of the reasons why Hong Kong parents making a beeline for.

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2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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