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Old Buckenham Hall

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Old Buckenham Hall Overview

Founded in 1862, Old Buckenham Hall School is a day and largest boarding Prep School community for boys and girls in the village of Brettenham, Suffolk, England.

Old Buckenham Hall School welcomes pupils from all over the world to join a thriving boarding community in one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful prep schools.

International pupils of Old Buckenham Hall School follow a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for sitting Common Entrance exams at the end of Year 8, ready for their 13+ transition to senior schools.

Summary Of School

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Destinations for pupils leaving in 2023 included Eton, Harrow, Oundle, Rugby, Uppingham and many other prestigious Senior Schools.

Old Buckenham Hall ⁠Extracurricular

Old Buckenham has a range of sports, such as rugby, cricket, hockey, football, netball, rounders, tennis, golf, squash, riding, shooting, sailing, and more. The creative and performing arts are highly valued as an important part of the school’s ethos and curriculum.

Old Buckenham Explorers was founded three years ago. It aims to develop all children’s physical and emotional skills and bring them to the fore at an earlier stage in their development. It also allows children to enhance their natural talents that play a key part in their future lives. The OBE programme is broken into three modules, which increase in challenge as the children progress through the year groups, starting in Year 3/4.

Old Buckenham Hall Boarding

A range of boarding options are available, from flexi boarding through to full boarding. There are three Boarding Houses: a senior girls’ house, a senior boys’ house and a Monday-to-Friday junior boarding house for Year 3, 4 and 5 boarders.

There are around 3-8 pupils sharing a room. At Old Buckenham Hall School, staff run various evening activities and a fun, structured weekend programme.

Old Buckenham Hall Pastoral Care

The social, physical, and personal well-being of Old Buckenham Hall School pupils ensures that they have special memories of school life while finding the route to success in and out of the classroom.  ​​OBH recognises and values the importance of children’s emotional well-being as the foundation of everything else that happens in school.

Old Buckenham Hall School has a school nurse registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). She holds daily surgeries, administers first aid, presides over sick bay and is available to provide health advice to pupils, staff and parents. She works closely with parents when a child has specific medical needs requiring long-term medication and will ensure healthcare plans are in place. Children can visit the surgery anytime when unwell or upset or even when they just need some “time out”.

Parents are encouraged to register boarders with the School Doctor, a local GP. Female doctors are available if requested, and pupils may also speak to a doctor in private should they wish. The school counsellor also visits weekly. The school maintains close links with local dentists, opticians, pharmacists, and physiotherapists. All of the school’s matrons and many of the teaching staff have current first-aid certificates.

Old Buckenham Hall Fees

Year 3 - Year 8

Full Boarding
£ 32,868

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2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


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2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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