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Lomond School

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Basic Information & Location

Lomond School is a co-educational, independent day and boarding school for children aged 3 to 18, situated in Helensburgh, Scotland. Whether they have lived locally all their lives or have joined the school as intertional boarders, Lomond’s pupils and their families benefit from joining a welcoming community with a distinct family atmosphere. Academic success is at the core of Lomond, backed up by a strong emphasis on developing its young people through involvement in a wide range of activities closely linked to the school philosophy and values. Notable alumni include inventor of the television, John Logie Baird, former Prime Minister, Andrew Bor Law, and prizewinning artist, Vicki Hopkinson.

School Motto

Prospiciamus, ‘let us look forward’.

Academic Development

Despite challenging circumstances, the school has achieved its highest ever pass rate in 2020 with Higher level at 92% and Advanced Higher at 94%. The school has also maintained its record-breaking 96% pass rate set last year for national 5s (N5s). Further new records have been achieved across the school with 72% A grades achieved at N5, and almost 90% of all Advanced Higher passes at either A or B grade.

Outdoor Education and Outdoor Learning, coordinated by the school’s dedicated Head of Adventure & Service and carefully integrated into the whole school curriculum, are given significant emphasis at Lomond School as the school believes they are key to developing a wide range of skills and abilities not readily found in the classroom.

From Forest School in students’ early years to fieldwork in the Sixth Form, every department and year group across the school makes great use of the outstanding natural environment which surrounds the school. Increasingly, educational research acknowledges the irrefutable correlation between outdoor learning and improved academic performance and the school believes this type of learning not only contributes to its pupils’ health and well-being, but equips them with problem solving and leadership skills and a sense of adventure.

Pastoral Care & Boarding

Lomond was the first school in Scotland to offer co-educational boarding with boys and girls on separate floors. The school is unique in Scotland in that brothers and sisters from the same family can live, not just at the same school, but in the same boarding house.

Boarders are mostly housed in twin en-suite rooms. The house is well maintained and boarders have access to attractive common rooms designed by the residents themselves, to their own AstroTurf pitches and to a gym in the basement. The floors are separated by a biometric security system ensuring safety and privacy. Wifi is also available to boarders in the communal areas and pupils use their own devices as well as iPads provided by the School.

Individual attention is paid to the living requirements of all boarders by the pastoral care team of Houseparents and resident tutors. With boarders of different ages and backgrounds living in the house, the school aims to create a homely environment where its resident pupils can feel that they have the same rights and responsibilities as if they were living at home.

Extra-curricular & Personal Development

At Lomond School every child is actively encouraged to develop a range of interests beyond their studies. Whatever their passion and skill level, students participate actively in a wide variety of sports and activities which develop their personal skills and individual strengths beyond the classroom.

Sport and fitness are integral to life at Lomond School and pupils from Pre-School right up to Senior 6 enjoy Physical Education as part of the curriculum. The school stresses the benefits for health and wellbeing through the “sport for all” philosophy and many pupils take pride in representing Lomond in weekly team fixtures whilst benefiting from the mentoring and support of its dedicated team of PE teachers and sports coaches.

The art and design, music and drama departments are vibrant and exciting spaces where all pupils can freely develop creativity, confidence and self-expression. From Junior 1 pupils receive lessons in art, music and drama from enthusiastic subject specialists. Lomond places a high value on the Arts and encourages all pupils to engage in expressive learning opportunities, as well as in its array of extra-curricular clubs throughout the school. Collaboration across the Arts is frequent and pupils have many opportunities to work together as part of a team to showcase their talents and express their creativity and imagination.


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Year 10 - 11


Year 12 - 13



2020 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A

69% (in Scottish Highers)

A* - B

88% (in Scottish Highers)

2020 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A

60% (in Scottish National 5s)

A* - B

98% (in Scottish National 5s)

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