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Kirkham Grammar School

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Basic Information & Location

Kirkham Grammar School is a selective, co-educational independent school in Kirkham, Lancashire, England. It was founded in 1549 and overlooks the pleasant countryside of the rural Fylde.

School Motto

The school’s vision is to ensure academic success; encompassed by a breadth of educational opportunities including sporting, creative and cultural excellence. Throughout their school life we seek to provide our pupils with a stimulating, competitive and supportive environment that promotes both self-respect and respect for others within the spirit of a truly Independent School.

Academic Matters

The Curriculum is designed to help all students fulfil their individual academic potential and exploit their talents to the full, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. The school aims to blend the strength of a traditional core with the opportunity for innovation and creativity. Leading-edge facilities in technology and science allow pupils to be at the forefront of change, whilst the creative arts offer excellent opportunities for self-expression.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

The pastoral system is an exceptionally strong feature in a school which excels in the care that it takes for its pupils’ welfare. In addition to the Deputy Head (Pastoral) in charge of pastoral care, there are Heads of Year, Form Tutors and a Head of Boarding. A central principle underlying the school’s pastoral system is that young people are most likely to be successful academically if they feel secure in their school environment. To this end, Kirkham Grammar School gives great weight to the importance of effective induction and on-going guidance for each student in order to try to ensure that each young person is both happy and successful.


Kirkham Grammar School has a strong reputation for sport and this is founded on a long tradition of competition. Over recent years the emphasis has been on maintaining standards but broadening both participation in major school sports and in a developing array of other sporting activities. This allows large numbers of pupils to represent the school in a variety of different areas. It is also important that sport encourages a healthy lifestyle and allows pupils to balance their activities in their school life. Art & Design, Drama and Music are a vibrant part of school life. This is apparent by the varied and high standard of Art & Design work on display, the many choral and Music concerts and the Drama productions put on by pupils.


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