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Kingsley School Devon

School Level

Prep, Senior, and Sixth Form

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Basic Information/Location

Located in Devon, southwest England, on a picturesque 25-acre campus, Kingsley School Devon is a co-educational boarding school that caters to students aged 2-18, with boarding options available for students aged 11 and above. Situated approximately a 3.5-hour drive from London Heathrow Airport, the school draws inspiration from its scenic surroundings to offer a truly unique educational experience that extends beyond academics.

At Kingsley School Devon, the individuality of each child is acknowledged and celebrated. The school nurtures their strengths and interests through the expertise of specialist teachers, small class sizes, and personalized support for all learning needs.

The school provides a comprehensive Core Curriculum and Expansive Curriculum, exposing students to a diverse range of academic subjects, including sports, arts, outdoor education, and Earth Centre education, all with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism.

These enriching experiences play a pivotal role in preparing students for their future careers and shaping them into global citizens during their time at Kingsley School Devon.

Educational Philosophy

Kingsley School Devon is firmly committed to delivering an inclusive academic program that caters to the unique needs of every student. This dedication is achieved through the implementation of high-quality teaching methods, advanced technology, and a diverse range of extracurricular activities meticulously designed to cultivate their interests and talents.

Moreover, Kingsley School Devon actively fosters mental well-being and provides comprehensive support to ensure the success of each student. By fostering a positive learning environment, the school encourages collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, and with varying learning differences, empowering them to become global citizens.

The school places a strong emphasis on promoting positivity and mental well-being, with their curriculum purposefully crafted to enhance the talents and interests of all students, both within the classroom and beyond.

Academic Development

In the past three years, Kingsley School Devon has achieved an impressive track record, with 23% of students, on average, attaining A*-B grades in their GCSEs, and 44% achieving A*-A grades in their A-levels.

However, the school’s objectives go beyond exceptional academic results. It strives to exceed students’ potential by enabling them to reach a grade higher than what they would typically achieve at any other school in the UK. Kingsley School Devon has a proven track record of successfully guiding its students to their first-choice Russell Group universities, including esteemed institutions like Durham, King’s College London, and UCL.

Furthermore, to support students’ growth and unlock their full potential, Kingsley School Devon offers a diverse range of appealing scholarships across various key areas. These scholarships aim to provide additional support and opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields.

Welfare Policies/Boarding Life

Situated on a sprawling 25-acre campus, Kingsley School Devon impressively accommodates approximately 70 students across three boarding houses. Each dormitory fosters a warm and familial ambiance by housing an average of 25 students. To nurture a sense of belonging, the school appoints dedicated boarding parents who provide attentive care.

The boarding houses at Kingsley School Devon consist of Belvoir House, catering to Year 7-11 girls; Carisbrooke, designed for Year 7-11 boys; and Longfield, accommodating co-educational Year 12-13 seniors. These houses offer well-appointed study-bedrooms, bathrooms, recreational lounges, kitchens, laundry facilities, and outdoor spaces for leisure activities.

Kingsley School Devon takes immense pride in maintaining an exceptional standard of pastoral care within its boarding community. Boarders are encouraged to reflect on the impact of their actions on others, demonstrate empathy and respect for diverse perspectives, and develop resilience in the face of life’s challenges. This holistic approach fosters the acquisition of essential life skills that extend far beyond their time at the school.

Extracurricular Activities and Personal Development

Situated a mere five-minute drive from the local beach, Kingsley School Devon stands out as one of the few schools in the area that provides a surf school. The school takes an active stance in encouraging students to partake in a wide array of extracurricular activities, including surfing and a notably thriving judo program. By fostering this dedication to extracurricular pursuits, the school ensures that students enjoy a comprehensive and balanced education.


School fee

Year 10 - 11



2021-2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2021-2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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