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King’s Hall School

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Basic Information & Location

Located only a mile from the town of Taunton in the heart of the county of Somerset, King’s Hall is built around the stunning Georgian house, Pyrland Hall, which borders Quantock Hills. The 50-acre estate, which includes 15 acres of playing fields, is surrounded by national Trust farmland.

School Motto

King’s Hall strives to build a community which reflects family life with mutually respectful and warm relationships, and to nurture self-respect and self-esteem, high moral values, responsible citizenship and a commitment to the service of others.

Academic Matters

Pupils are prepared for either Common Entrance or Scholarships in Years 7 and 8; by the end of Year 8 they are thoroughly equipped to deal with the academic rigour facing them at their senior schools and with GCSE work. The vast majority of pupils enrol at King’s College, while others enter Eton, Radley, Millfield and Sherborne. There is an enviable record of academic, dramatic, musical and sporting achievements right throughout the School. Many academic, sport and music scholarships are awarded at 11+.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

The boarding house is divided into three separate areas: Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Girls. By applying the principles of ‘I–WE–YOU’, King’s Hall aims to provide every pupil with the opportunity to progress through the stages of developing independence. The School recognises that the pace of development is different for every child, and patience is the key to nurturing pupils to the maximum degree.


King’s Hall offers and a wide range of extracurricular activities led by their enthusiastic staff, who have a genuine interest in the activities offered here at King’s Hall. These include choir, drama, squash and tennis.


Mabel Lucy

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2022 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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2022 Exam Results (GCSE)

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