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Kimbolton School

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Kimbolton School Overview

Kimbolton School was founded in 1600 as a grammar school for Huntingdonshire and, since becoming fully independent in 1977.

It is a co-educational school that educates approximately 1000 boys and girls between ages 4-18, with an almost even split between boys and girls​​.

Boarding starts at the age of 11.  Kimbolton School is located in Cambridgeshire and within easy reach of Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, and North London.

Summary Of School

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Kimbolton School ⁠Academic Results

A Level
  • A*-A: 40.3%
  • A*-B: 70.5%
  • 9-7: 57%
  • 9-6: 76.2%

Kimbolton School ⁠Extracurricular

The school aims to expose pupils to a wide variety of activities and challenges so that they can have a varied portfolio of interests and experiences. The school offer a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year. 

At the Senior School, ‘activities’ encompasses outdoor pursuits, the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), and the Community Service Unit (CSU), as well as the plethora of extracurricular opportunities on offer each term, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Outdoor Pursuits Department offers pupils from First Form upwards the opportunity to sail, canoe, climb, windsurf and powerboat either during Games lessons or after school.

Pupils elect to join either the CCF or the Community Service Unit (CSU) for the duration of the Fourth and Fifth Forms. Within the CCF, they express a preference for a particular service, while CSU pupils opt for a placement (such as an animal centre, primary or special school, or residential home for the elderly).

Kimbolton School Boarding

Kimbolton School offers boarding from age 11. Boarding houses are located on Kimbolton village’s historic and beautiful High Street in Cambridgeshire. Kimbolton has a team of boarding staff in each house who are always on hand to provide help and guidance.  

As a full boarder, you stay at school during the week and at weekends throughout the term. Term-time weekends are always busy with sports matches, drama rehearsals, trips, and visits away from Kimbolton. Boarders have access to the sports facilities, including the swimming pool and the school grounds.

Kimbolton School Pastoral Care

At Kimbolton School, all of the houses, classes and tutor groups are also mixed. With small class and tutor group sizes, the school is able to deliver very personal care to students.  Everyone is recognised and known. Teachers work together to ensure pupils are correctly supported and encourage a sense of community. 

For senior-year students, the school organises Parents’ Pastoral Evenings. These informative evening events, sometimes with outside speakers, cover topics pertinent to parents of preteens and teenagers, including starting secondary school, internet safety, and the prevention of drug or alcohol abuse. In each case, the school allows parents to discuss the topics in small groups and meet relevant pastoral staff.

Kimbolton School Fees

Year 7 - Year 13

Full Boarding
£ 33,525

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School fee

Year 7 - 8


Year 9


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Year 12 - 13



2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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