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Ipswich School

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Ipswich School

We invite you to delve into our comprehensive review of Ipswich School UK. Renowned for its commitment to providing high-quality education, Ipswich School has a rich history of nurturing all-rounded graduates from diverse backgrounds. This guide will provide you with essential information about the fine institution, including details on courses, rankings, results, reviews, fees, and much more.

Summary Of School

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Ipswich School Overview

At Ipswich School, pupils are empowered to realise their full potential. With a proud track record of academic success, the institution consistently ranks among the top ten independent schools in East Anglia. As children progress through the Prep School, they typically perform at least a year above national expectations, with many exceeding these standards by a significant margin. In the Senior School, Ipswich School’s outstanding GCSE and A Level results consistently place it at the forefront of local academic achievement.

Recognising that selecting a school is a pivotal decision for parents, Ipswich School is committed to providing an environment where every pupil can thrive. Whether families are already acquainted with the institution or are considering independent education for the first time, Ipswich School remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate extraordinary futures for all its pupils.

Ipswich School Courses & Programmes

Ipswich School offers the following courses

The Lower School Curriculum serves as a seamless transition for students moving from Prep school to the Senior School, providing them with a solid foundation for their academic journey.

Students at Ipswich School have the opportunity to pursue the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) qualification, which covers a wide range of subjects and provides a comprehensive academic base.

Upon completing their GCSEs, students can choose to continue their studies at Ipswich School by pursuing either A level qualifications or Pre-U examinations. These advanced-level courses offer in-depth subject knowledge and prepare students for higher education or future career paths.

Ipswich School ⁠Academic Results

  • A*-A: 48.2%
  • A*-B: 80.8%
  • 9-7: 63%

Ipswich School Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

Students can immerse themselves in music through lessons, choirs, and performances. The school’s music facilities, including the Britten Faculty of Music, provide opportunities for rehearsals and recitals. Music is taught to all until year 10, and many students take up private instrument lessons.

Drama and art are integral parts of school life. Drama classes are offered until year 8, and students have the chance to perform in plays and musicals in the school’s theatre. Art, including design technology and photography, is a popular choice and students showcase their work in exhibitions.

Thursday afternoons are dedicated to a range of activities for years 9-13. Students can participate in service activities like volunteering, drama performances, and eco projects. The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and “The Edge” programme offer further opportunities for personal development and skills-building. Year 12 students also enjoy a residential week in Devon as part of their Extended Project Qualification.

At Ipswich School, students benefit from exceptional sports facilities across three main sites: Ipswich School Sports Centre at Rushmere, Notcutts, and Westwood. These venues offer state-of-the-art amenities for hockey, netball, tennis, rugby, football, cricket, and athletics. The school prioritises athletic development and analysis, utilising advanced technology to enhance performance. Guided by principles of participation, success, and fostering a lifelong passion for sports, Ipswich School’s programme aims to inspire enjoyment and purpose in every student’s sporting journey.

Ipswich School Accommodation

Westwood House, the primary boarding residence for years 9-13 at Ipswich School, offers a warm and inviting home environment just a short stroll from the school grounds. This sprawling Victorian villa, nestled within its own extensive gardens, provides students with a comfortable and homely retreat at the end of each day. While younger children share bedrooms, older students enjoy the luxury of private rooms, many complete with hand basins for added convenience. For senior boys, accommodations are housed in a separate annexe known as Westwood Two, located across the drive.

The heart of Westwood House lies within its well-equipped kitchen, overseen by a dedicated chef, offering flexibility in dining arrangements. Whether students are out for the day or enjoying leisurely weekends, the kitchen ensures that nutritious meals are provided, with snacks readily available throughout the day. A large sitting room provides a communal space for relaxation and socialisation, complemented by the availability of bread, sandwich fillings, yoghurts, fruit, and cereal at all times.

In addition to the comfortable living quarters, Westwood House boasts spacious bedrooms devoid of bunks, in adherence to the belief that each child should have ample space to call their own. A thoughtful touch awaits students upon arrival, as they are presented with brand new duvets and pillows to accompany them throughout their stay. Furthermore, modern facilities, including newly renovated showers and bathrooms, ensure that students enjoy a comfortable living experience.

For year 13 students, accommodations are primarily situated at Anglesea Heights, a converted former hospital complex located on the prep school side of the road. These mostly single-storey buildings offer ensuite rooms, a spacious common room, and a small kitchen, providing students with a more independent living environment while still benefiting from the support of houseparents who reside on-site.

Ipswich School Entry Requirements

In addition to academic achievements, Ipswich School seeks students who possess well-rounded qualities and exhibit interests that go beyond the standard curriculum. The school values personal attributes that have the potential to positively contribute to the overall development of the institution.

For entry into the Sixth Form, the following requirements must be met:

Admission to the Sixth Form is dependent on GCSE grades, an interview with the Headmaster, and a school reference.

Applicants are encouraged to achieve:

  • Grade 7s in desired A Level subjects (grade 8s for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Maths) or in relevant subjects.
  • Minimum of six grade 6s overall at GCSE.
  • Applicants may apply for the BTEC Sport and Exercise Science programme alongside one A Level.
  • Ideal attainment: Six grade 5s at GCSE overall, with a grade 7 in a relevant subject for the A Level.

It is important to note that the assessment process considers various factors beyond academic achievements. Ipswich School evaluates applicants holistically, taking into account multiple aspects of their character and potential contributions to the school.

⁠Ipswich School Fees

Year 9 - Year 13

Full Boarding
£ 40,365

Year 9 - Year 13

Day Pupils
£ 19,704

Please note that school fees are due one week before the start of each term. You have the option to pay on a termly or monthly basis through Direct Debit. If you choose the monthly payment plan, the annual fee will be divided into equal instalments spread over 10 months.

What’s included?

The Boarding Fees encompass tuition fees, meals, EAL lessons, insurance, and administration charges. For UK/domestic boarding, rates are adjusted to exclude EAL lessons and overseas administrative charges. Those considering temporary boarding are encouraged to reach out to the school for further information.

⁠Ipswich School Contact Information


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