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Hereford Cathedral School

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Hereford Cathedral School is an independent school providing boys and girls aged 3 to 18 with excellent teaching. The school locates in Hereford, an old city situated in the west of England.


Long history is most prominent characteristic of Hereford Cathedral School. It is believed that the school was established at Hereford Cathedral in the 7th century. From the 15th to 19th century, the school had been continuously rebuilt and refurbished; campus kept expanding. When it came to the late 19th to the early 21st century, there was a remarkable growth in student number. The school also changed from a boy school to a co-educational one.


Academic Development


Based on its foundation, Hereford Cathedral School encourages its students to consider Christian tradition seriously and openly. It also places great value on preparing students for life beyond school, traits like self-discipline, diligence and acceptance of responsibility and challenge are qualities to develop.


Throughout the curriculum design, one of the key stages is Year 7 to Year 9. These three years is about adjustment. In order to be thoroughly prepared for GCSE courses, students may need to encounter more formal and serious educational methods.


When it comes to Year 10 and Year 11, students will study 9 or 10 subjects plus one short-course GCSE. Core subjects include English, Mathematics and Science while most students will also study either French or Spanish. In addition to these subjects, students will choose three subjects out of ten options, such as Art, Design & Technology, Drama or Economics.


The school offers Sixth Form curriculum with flexible choices. From the 22 subjects, students can select four at AS Level in Year 12 and continue with three in Year 13. In order to motivate and inspire students on an individual basis, the school promotes small class sizes and small tutor groups.


Hereford Cathedral School specifically runs General Studies program to broaden and enrich the curriculum. Sixth Form students who are not in the CCF can choose from a range of General Studies options. Popular options are like Psychology, Medical/Vet Science, Photography, Military History and French Cuisine. The duration of these courses is normally 5 to 10 weeks.


In 2018, 90% of A-Level grades were awarded A* to C; over a quarter achieved all A* or A. Four students have progressed to Oxford and Cambridge universities, and more have secured places at Russell Group universities. Aside from A-Level, the GCSE results were also excellent. Totally over half of all grades were A* or A. 12 students scored all A* or A grades.


Referring to the inspection report of 2014 by Independent School Inspection (ISI), the necessary nine criteria being assessed were all grade ‘Excellent’. Students’ individualism was aware of. It also appreciated their moral and cultural awareness; the diversity of activities provides was specially mentioned.


Pastoral Care & Boarding

The school’s pastoral care system is centred upon the house system with supportive Heads of House, tutors, matrons and Chaplains. Students will stay in the same house throughout their time at the school. By joining Houses, students can participate in a range of social events, inter-house sport and extra-curricular activities.

It has a boarding house situated near to the city. The gorgeous Georgian building was built in 18th century which combines historic English setting with modern facilities. Be it single, twin or quad rooms, the boarding house has various forms to choose with, all with en-suite facilities. There are also homestay families if needed.


Extracurricular & personal development


Combined Cadet Force of the school is one of the oldest in the UK, which has Royal navy, Army and Royal Air Force sections. Being a popular element of the extra-curricular provision at Hereford Cathedral School, it helps students to acquire skills such as confidence, self reliance and team work.


Activities are supplemented by regular camps and training activities during the holidays around UK and Europe. Students can at the same time attain qualifications in flying, gliding, canoeing, climbing, parachuting and so on.


What’s more, the school offers a wide variety of outstanding extra curricular activities, including sport, drama, music, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and various clubs. Tailored sports support and challenges for each individual can enable students to realise their own potential. Its music programme is also prestigious, national and international awards are the best proof.


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