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Hazlegrove Prep School

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Basic Information & Location

The school’s history reaches back in time to 1519. As part of the King’s School Bruton Foundation, Hazlegrove is part of an educational lineage which spans nearly five centuries. The school is proud of its history and still embraces its Christian, Church of England roots.

School Motto

Hazlegrove offers children more than an education; it offers them a childhood. Visitors describing their first impressions of the school nearly always comment on how happy and friendly Hazlegrove children appear to be.

Academic Matters

Destination schools for leavers include Hazlegrove’s own King’s Bruton, Bryanston, Canford, Downside, Eton, Marlborough, Millfield, Sherborne, Sherborne Girls, St Mary’s Calne and Winchester.

Boarding / Pastoral Care

The youngest aged for boarding is seven. Roughly 100 boarders, with a handful of international students, enjoy a busy and motivating programme of weekend and evening activities. The School was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for its boarding provision.


Sport is an integral part of the school day at Hazlegrove for all pupils from the Nursery to Year 8. The grounds and indoor sports complex provide excellent facilities and all pupils are encouraged to join in and enjoy learning a wide variety of sports.  There is an emphasis on the development of physical fitness and coordination as well as skills and control. Pupils get lots of opportunity to experience the enjoyment of playing instruments, whether as soloists or together in bands and ensembles. They are also encouraged to perform in front of an audience at one of the many concerts we hold each term. The theatre provides an imposing and technically demanding setting for a number of major productions each year. For those that see the world as a stage, this is a great place to start.


Mabel Lucy

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