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Epsom College in Malaysia

School Level

Prep, Senior, Sixth Form, and 1 year GCSE Programme and A-Level Programme

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GCSE and A-Level





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Epsom College in Malaysia Guide:
Reviews, Fees And More

Table of Contents

Summary Of School

  • Type of school: Co-educational
  • Age range: 3-18
  • Pupils: 603
  • Boarders: 62%
  • 2023 A Level Results: 71% A*-A
  • 2023 GCSE Results: 93% 9-7

Basic Information & Academic Development

Epsom College in Malaysia is an outstanding co-educational school for students aged 3 to 18. As the only sister school of Epsom College – the UK’s Independent School of the Year 2022 – Epsom  leverages nearly 200 years of heritage and excellence to provide the best British boarding school experience in Asia, winning ‘Beacon Status’ for Student Welfare and Leadership by the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).


The college has a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, with the majority of them having received training in the UK. These teachers ensure the highest standards of teaching and learning are maintained.

Pupils at Epsom College in Malaysia are provided with outstanding learning experiences that result in consistently high levels of achievement.

In 2023, 71% of A-Level results were graded A*-A, and 93% of IGCSE grades were A*-A. 100% of their students who applied to a Russell Group university received an offer. 91% of their students going to the UK gained entry into the Top 10 and Russell Group universities in the UK.

The Epsom Advantage for University Applications

One of the advantages of Epsom is that Sixth Form students have access to a dedicated A-Levels tutoring and counselling area, known as the Grayling Centre. Here, students can benefit from a team of dedicated teachers, tutors, and counsellors who guide them through the university application process.

With over 25 years of experience in guiding and counselling students on higher education planning and university applications, Epsom Teachers assist students in crafting their student portfolios. These portfolios not only help them secure offers from top universities in the UK, but also from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and increasingly, top universities in Asia. Epsom students have received offers from renowned institutions globally, such as Cambridge University, UCL, London School of Economics, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Melbourne, University of Amsterdam, University of Hong Kong, and the National University of Singapore, among others.

Pastoral Care

Epsom College in Malaysia prioritizes pastoral care, creating an international community based on discipline, tolerance, and understanding. Over 90% of Epsom Teachers reside in Campus. Teachers and support staff in both the Prep and Senior School develop personal connections with individual pupils, nurturing their passions and ensuring a rewarding experience.

The wellbeing and safety of all students are paramount. Every staff member takes the time to know each student as an individual, respecting their unique qualities. Epsom College aims to help students fulfil their potential and leave as successful, fulfilled individuals connected to a supportive community.

The House system forms the foundation of the College’s pastoral care, providing essential guidance and support for each child. Mental and physical wellbeing are taken seriously, with a dedicated on-site counsellor available for free and confidential support. The pastoral team provides structured channels for students who need assistance to reach out to the right person.

The College also provides a Medical Room staffed by Registered Nurses during term time, with overnight care available in the purpose-built Sanatorium. Annual medical check-ups are conducted, ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of students.

Boarding & House System

Epsom College in Malaysia offers an exciting and enriching boarding experience. Students form strong bonds, learn teamwork, and create lasting memories. Housemasters and Housemistresses provide support and structure, fostering independence. Prep School children from Year 5 onwards can also join as boarders.

The college provides a nurturing and a safe environment through its House system. Students become part of a tight-knit community led by Housemasters/Housemistresses and supported by a dedicated team. The House system fosters a sense of belonging, supports students academically and pastorally, and creates lasting memories. Prep School pupils are linked to a House, and boarders live alongside Senior pupils.


Epsom College in Malaysia offers over 100 co-curricular programmes that allows students to develop their talents and interests beyond the classroom. Through activities ranging from academic clubs to creative arts, games, sports, and community service, students benefit personally and socially, learning resilience, determination, time management, and teamwork.

Epsom is the integrated school for academic excellence with world-class sports and music,where it partners with world-renowned coach Patrick Mouratoglou, offering the Mouratoglou Tennis Programme (“MTP”) that brings in the Mouratoglou methodology. The School  has their golf facility with 30-bay driving range indoor/outdoor teaching studios and putting and chipping greens with sand bunkers for high-performance golf training and coaching on site.  The latest sport partnership was launched in September 2023 with LALIGA – the top professional football division of the Spanish football league system. 


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Those who are musically inclined can expect the upcoming Epsom Music Academy to provide a comprehensive education for musically gifted individuals, seamlessly integrating academic rigour with musical pursuits.

Other sports programs at Epsom College promote a lifelong attitude towards fitness and health. Students participate in a variety of sports, with regular training sessions and inter-house tournaments. They can choose from activities such as badminton, squash, hockey, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and more. Recreational sports like golf, ultimate frisbee, yoga, and cycling also encourage a healthy lifestyle in a fun and educational manner.

Additionally, Epsom College values artistic expression and offers a rich co-curricular program for students interested in the creative arts. Even if not pursued academically, the arts provide opportunities for self-confidence, risk-taking, creative problem-solving, and personal development.

Overall, Epsom College in Malaysia provides a well-rounded co-curricular experience, fostering personal growth, skill development, and a love for sports, arts, and community engagement. At Epsom, there’s a place for every child. With a dedication to outstanding academics, expert pastoral care, and unique sports and music programmes, Epsom allows every student to explore their interests and realise their full potential.

Epsom College in Malaysia Fees

What is included in the tuition & boarding fees ?

  • Three (3) main meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Textbooks (On loan. Damaged textbooks will be charged accordingly)
  • Weekends Activities / Excursions
  • Laundry services
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Exercise books

Pupil & Parent Testimony​

Epsom College in Malaysia Contact Information


School fee

Year 10 - 11



2023 Exam Results (A - Levels)

A* - A


A* - B


2023 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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