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Eagle House School

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Basic Information & Location

Eagle House is a co-educational boarding and day school for 3- to 13-year-olds. Conveniently located within easy reach of the M4 and M3 motorways, the School is set on a stunning site which boasts high-class facilities. As part of the Wellington College group of schools, Eagle House benefits from a forward-thinking approach to education, and children are guaranteed a high-quality learning experience.


School Motto

Eagle House is a place where students can try everything and days are filled with learning, playing and discovering.  It is a busy school and its wonderful Golden Eagle, Out and About and Service programmes encourage all students to broaden their outlook and try new things. It is an active school but children take time to pause, time to appreciate each other and all that is around them.


Academic Matters

Eagle House received an ‘Excellent’ rating in a recent ISI Inspection, signaling that the School places emphasis on all spheres of learning. Scholarships to senior schools are regularly awarded to pupils. Pupils achieve creditable results in the Common Entrance examinations, and teachers are focused on assisting children, irrespective of their abilities, to grow in confidence and become something special in the future.


Boarding / Pastoral Care

Eagle’s family-run boarding house is fully co-educational and for boarders aged 7-13. It is at the heart of the School’s operations, and all boarders receive expert care from a dedicated staff group who strive to provide a secure and upbeat environment for all. The flexi-boarding system and our after-school care facilities enable parents to collect their children safe in the knowledge that they are in the trusty hands of a specialist staff group.



The School’s Golden Eagle programme offers an unbelievable range of activities which promote leadership and independence, while allowing the School to fully utilise its magnificent environment. There is a focus which encompasses enrichment, sport, appreciation for the great outdoors and achievement, and children are expected to respect that variety is pivotal when it comes to being a rounded, confident and responsible individual. Music and drama are very much a part of life at Eagle House; children learn instruments, perform in plays, and there are many choir and instrumental groups. Children profit from expert coaching in all different areas of sport, another key area at the School. Exceptional levels are achieved by all children in art, design and food technology.



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